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Here’s to 2014!

Happy New Year’s Eve<3


Wherever you are, under the Eiffel Tower, or a thousand glistening stars, or even a shower of fireworks, we’ve made it through 2013 and here we are…ready to conquer a new year. Whether or not we are ready to move on, time is here, ( well it is for us in British Columbia, Canada.) All our past regrets, failures, successes, and memories made in 2013 will always be with us, tucked away in one of many crumpled pages of life. 2014 will be a new beginning, a new chance to complete our goals or chase our dreams.


   The possibilities are endless!


Personally, I am a bit sad, as 2013 was amazing when I look back at it, it’s the year when my hard work really paid off and made  so many new friends. The ride through 2013 was incredible, exhilarating, indescribable, and sometimes even disappointing. Here’s to a new year ❤ A new year full with new possibilities, new love, maybe? new goals, plans, and so much more!  Our past experiences have made us allowed us to break through  our cocoon and into a fresh butterfly ready to breeze through 2014~~~


I can’t believe it’s December 31st already, time travels extremely fast. It was like yesterday was…. *I know cliche.*

But… if there is anything I need to say before 2014 actually begins is that don’t regret your choices and always think before you act. Don’t do things you’ll regret because you know there’s never that same moment again. So if you need to do something, do it, (if it’s something bad, you might regret!) Then there are things like opportunities that will jump at you in 2014, don’t hesitate! Good opportunities are a once in a lifetime chance and you need to take it! Lastly, I will be still writing some new year resolutions myself and looking back at the milestones of 2013, so I think you should do that too:) Writing down your regrets and successes will really bring back the good ol tears and melancholy memories…. Anyways hopefully this year, I will actually carry through my resolutions through the whole year! Hopefully I will, and will be able to brag about completing my resolutions for 2014 when I come to write this blog for 2015:)


So thanks for reading and checking out my blog<3 I wish you the best for the year ahead:D



Christmas is the season of giving

This year I was diagnosed with pneumonia. It was extremely difficult for me at the time as I did not know I had this disease, I was in constant pain with 40 degree fevers and pounding headaches and I didn’t know because my doctor had told me I had allergies. I was sick previously and I guess my immune system just deteriorated from there. The thing was … now that I think about it… a bit lame. But I promised my club and my school that I would be collecting can for Halloween (Free the Children’s campaign on We Scare Hunger.) Okay and I admit I also wanted some candy. That day I was stuck at the hospital emergency center and I was in admiration of the hospital because I wanted to become a doctor that I didn’t really take the seriousness of pneumonia into consideration. Now that I look back at my disease, yes it was painful, but the thing I especially realize during this holiday season is how many children and patients will be at the hospital this Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s either with family or without, it sucks. My heart breaks, because I was stuck at the hospital on Halloween and I was depressed. I can’t imagine all the kids who go through surgery and wake up the next day on Christmas and knowing that they aren’t like normal kids. They weren’t able to leave Santa cookies and milk on the table, or they weren’t able to wait all night for Santa to come. How sad is that?It breaks my heart. When yes I complain about my life but how many people have lives who are worse than mine. There are people around me, near me, or somewhere out there, that have it way worse than I do. So I have decided to push past my feelings aside and to stop myself from always thinking about….myself. For me the children in the hospital really hits home as I want to be a doctor when I grow up and to save lives not only because I have been affected personally, but also to give others a sense of hope. That things will be better. This is the reason why this Christmas I urge all of you to give. Because honestly there is nothing better giving. The joy you see on someone’s face because you know you have just given them something they can never give back. Hope. You give them hope that there are people in this world, who are so compassionate and selfless, that they will give without asking for anything in return.


Let me share this quote with you before my Christmas break starts, let this stay in your hearts and remind you of the deeper meaning of Christmas:)


“It is not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” -Mother Teresa


Until the next time I post, I wish all of you the best and safest Christmas and New Years.

I will be praying for you guys, for your flights, for the times you walk out of the car and not slipping on ice:) ❤