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Work Hard, it counts

When you look back and realize that there’s nothing else you could have done. That you’ve tried your hardest,  and given it your 110%, then that’s when you can say,” I told you so!” You proved them wrong. You proved the people who doubted you, the people who didn’t believe in you, that you are capable of love and success. That you are capable of anything, when you work so hard, that no one can deny your capabilities. So don’t let them get to you, you are so much stronger than that. Work your butt off, because when the day comes, it will be totally worth it.


Being a Role Model

You think that perhaps if you’re not famous or successful or rich, or anything spectacular that no one’s going to notice you. But, obviously, that’s wrong. There’s probably someone out there who watches your every move without you knowing. It could be the child with big expectant eyes when you help them tie their shoes at the park, or the parent who you don’t really pay attention to when you’re competing against their child. The people you see every day, some make impressions on you, and you admire them. Admire them for what they do, you admire them for them. To you, they are your role model. And to others, you are a role model as well. You think that when you say something people aren’t going to remember. You think when you do something it might be remembered, but memories fade with time…. But words for some can last a lifetime. It’s good to make sure what you say is filled with love instead of hatred, because once you say something, or do something, you can’t ever take it back. You can’t rewind time and redo it. So when you’re out there doing what you’re getting at, make sure that you know many people look up to you. They admire you for you, and don’t take advantage of that by doing more things you aren’t proud of. When you do things, don’t be selfish. It isn’t just for yourself. It’s for the people who look up to you, the people who love you for you, and yes, also yourself. But do things that you know will make the people you love proud.

To Kill A Mockingbird- Harper Lee

I read this novel a few months ago for English 9 and I cannot believe how great this book is. It is an older book and so it’s not an action or typical type of book teenagers would like. However, for a long time I would hear about people talking about TKAM and I would be like, whaa are they talking about. And now I know. This book takes place in Alabama of the United States around the time of racism, and the Great Depression. The main themes that circle this book involve racism, prejudice, innocence, and the steps from childhood into maturity. Scout Finch is the narrator of this book, and as time passes on the readers get a clear sense of character development through many of the main characters. Another great part of this book is the symbols that weave themselves through the story add a lot of dynamic to the story and contribute to a greater meaning to the themes.


The summary of the story through my words:

Scout Finch recalls her childhood and talks about the many events that occur through her younger years. Boo Radley is a mystical man that keeps her and her brother, Jem, occupied throughout the early summers. As time goes on however, Jem and Scout begin to realize that perhaps Boo is not the mean man as everyone states he is. They begin to see his true colours, and come to senses about their own town, Maycomb County, and how the folks there are too blinded by their prejudices to see people for who they really are. As time also goes on, their father,(Atticus,) a well respected man and lawyer, is chosen to defend a black man, ( Tom Robinson,) in the case of him raping a white woman, named Mayella Ewell. As the time is in the 1930’s/40’s, Atticus is able to defend Tom very well, and the clear evidence come to the fact that Tom is innocent. However, the readers come to the realization that during this time, it is highly unlikely that a black man can win a case against a white man, no matter the circumstances. This saddening realization, gives us a perspective of what it was like in the olden days, when people were judged for the colour of the skin.


The quote that is encrypted on the back cover of the book is: “You can shoot all the bluejays you want, but it is a sin to kill a mockingbird.”


This quote is extremely important to the main themes of this book:racism and innocence. As you read you will begin to understand the deeper meanings of childhood innocence and innocence in general.

The Olympics

As the olympics have started today, I decided to write an olympics post. I can’t believe it’s been four years already since the last olympics which were held in my town. Amazing how fast time can spin you around. In another two years of time or the summer olympics, I will be graduating and starting a new path at university. This post is going to be about the athletes at the games because honestly what are the olympics without the athletes. So this year isn’t really different for many athletes unless that is they are from Russia, then they’ve got extra support. We often watch athletes and have a really high standard. “Come on, you missed this, or how could you have messed up?” We will often mutter or shout when our favourite athletes make a mistake, or mess up. But we don’t have even the slightest clue, the tantamount of pressure that is suffocating their lungs, and not to mention they’re short of breath already. I am fascinated by athletes of any kind. To be able to put that much dedication into something is incredible. The amount of physical power, drive, and charisma is heart wrenching, but it all comes down to the mental power. All athletes competing are amazing, but who’s going to win? The one with  the control, the mind power and ability to push on. At the end of the day, it’s the mind that does the wonders. When you’re about to give up, it’s not that chocolate bar that keeps you going, but yourself, your expanse of imagination and passion. Athletes are just like normal people, you and me. So when you’re doing that lunge or sit up and you’re legs are aching, your arms are burning, and your lungs are on fire… athletes feel the same way. Just because they’re athletes doesn’t mean that they don’t have to push themselves. They still need to push themselves, and we can see how hard it is ourselves when we’re working out or doing things. Not to say all the pressure as well. The cameras, social media, spectators, judges, presidents, people at home, television, everyone  is following your every  move. And make a wrong move… and well not only have you wasted all your time, effort, money, and energy, but everyone will see it. That’s how it is.. Then there’s the amount of time and effort. Perhaps there’s not many people who train harder than athletes. They need to keep their body in perfect condition by controlling their weight, their diet, their everything. The practice that comes with it, is also time consuming. The sweat, tears, and blood, are often obstacles that are difficult overcome. And athletes can’t win by practicing. In athletics, sadly, practice does not make perfect. Perhaps athletics is one of the hardest things. There are so many factors that affect sports, either for individual/ team sports. There is luck that goes into it. For instance, environmental factors can affect the game, and who you are competing against as well.


It is by no doubt that athletes have one of the hardest jobs to do in the world. But even after knowing all this, we should perhaps cheer on all athletes and still cheer them on, even if they mess up. As afterall, who doesn’ mess up? Everyone makes mistakes!


Happy Winter Olympics!


Loved One’s Leaving

When a loved one leaves. The path of footprints that they have left in your heart flash before your eyes. You remember their love and reminisce about the past times you have spent with them. It’s so hard to let go, and so hard to say good bye. It’s so hard to suck it up and move on. Moving on is depressing. And it can be one of the hardest things in life. Life forces you to move on. We can’t stop time and pause ourselves in that void of time. If we don’t move on, life does it for us. Sometimes, I don’t want to move on. I just don’t. I want to never let go. I want the pain to grip my fingers until I can’t feel anymore, because up until that time, at least I can feel. At the least I can feel the emotions I still have for a person, and still love them. But when time goes on, I am afraid. I’m afraid to close that chapter of my life, because I’m afraid that I’ll forget…. And if I forget, then what will become of them, what will become of me? Will they just become a distant glow in the faraway sky. I don’t myself to forget, as I don’t want others to forget. I don’t want others to move on and forget me. And I don’t want to let go of that locket and drop it into the sea. I don’t want to, but I have to. I can’t get stuck in life, not really anyways. We, humans, always have the ability to move on. To let go. I don’t know how we do it, but we do. Well maybe not all of us do it. But there is a point of time where I stop crying and I stop heaving. I realize that my pain can’t bring them back. I can’t do anything about it, no matter what I do. I can save my pain and distress and perhaps make my life better so when they’re watching me from the folds of the universe… I know that they’ll be giving me that beautiful glowing smile that eternally lights me up forever.

Being Second Best

You realize that there’s no one else in this world you can count on but her. But how does it feel to be tossed aside when someone else comes around.You thought maybe for a second… that your feelings could be returned. Or you know for a point in time you were their priority, but whenever someone comes.. you’re tossed out like a crumpled ball that everyone seems to have forgotten. How does it feel to be anyone else, are we the same? How does it feel to place someone first but always be placed second? Or more accurately, every time you think they’re the one, the one person who understands you and could be a true friend that’s always there for you… if only they cared about you the way you cared about them.

It seems that whenever you get your hopes up, don’t. It’s pointless. You forget to stand on guard and keep your eyes open. As again you get hurt. It sucks, doesn’t it? You’re not useless compared to the other person, you’re kind, you’ve got your own beautiful characteristics… but why do you always have to end up last when you try so hard? Honestly, I don’t know. I thought I could answer those questions… but I can’t. I guess sometimes, not everything has an answer. Personally, I always blame it on myself and turn my anger to the person I cared about because I realized they don’t give a crap about me. It hurts, and I keep making the same damn mistakes every time around. Even though I haven’t met a real true friend yet, I can’t stop trying. It’s just I won’t pour out my heart each time around and watch it be smushed into pieces and thrown back into my puppy dog face. Hah. But if you’re feeling the same. Feeling like you’re never good enough for everyone, and always being replaced. Don’t worry, we’re on the same boat. And if you’re always placed first, well lucky you! But for those who blame themselves like me, remember someday you’ll find someone who will place you first when you place them first. It might be a long time, but hopefully you will find some friend like that. And if you can’t, you can’t keep trying. “Lovin’ might be a mistake but it’s worth makin’,

Don’t let some hell bent heart leave you bitter.” 

I’m not going to let someone turn my heart bitter, because my wounded heart may still be wounded but it’s not going to stop glowing to make others feel loved. I hope when you read this blog, and though your hurting… I hope you feel reassured that you’re not the only one, there’s me too:”)