Monthly Archives: October 2014

Finishing Last

I ran my first cross country race a few days ago, and let’s just say I did not finish anywhere near first. However while I was running, I found that it was the people who were near the end that gave me high fives and told me good job and to keep going. I realized in that moment, I was never going to finish a race first but I could keep getting better. I realized that certain things were not meant for me. While I finished first at school in academics, no matter how much I practised in running it wasn’t going to go for me. And surprisingly, I wasn’t embarrassed when I came in third last. I was relieved, and a quite a bit sweaty. But I was nowhere near embarrassed, when I started the race, I felt like backing out because I knew I wouldn’t finish the race well, I was scared to be last. Never in my life was I near the end. I’ve been so accustomed to finish near first, that I hadn’t tasted the salty tears of finishing last.

Now I know how it feels, and it isn’t as terrible as I thought, because sure I did finish almost last, but that’s not what matters. I realized in certain things, you’ll finish in the front because you’re good at it, and at others you’re going to finish last. But when you finish last, while pushing yourself to the best of your capabilities then you are a winner. I believe that I pushed myself the hardest that day, and on that day, there’s nothing I could have done to come in earlier. I did the best that I could do, and even though I finished near last, I knew that it was okay.

In life, there will be moments when you’ll succeed and moments when you’ll fail, but remember that there’s nothing to scold yourself for, if you really did the best that you could do. If you believe that you put in your 110% or even our 200% than you’ve done way more than enough. Be proud of what you’ve done! And remember don’t compete with others, only compete with yourself. Try to be better by improving yourself, not comparing yourself to another person, because we are all different, and in our own selves we have the capacity to do whatever it is that we our selves are capable of doing. So do the best that you can do, be the best you, you can be!



Take a look around you, take a deep breath. And be grateful for all the things around you. The things that suck, the things that are incredible. During this weekend, be appreciative of all the things that have sculpted you into who you are. The bad, has made you strong, the good has made you, you. However, it shouldn’t always be that we are thankful on Thanksgiving but all year long.

We often don’t appreciate the small things, we get caught up in our anger sometimes and really start to hate others or our own lives. And that’s when, the thoughts of depreciation come in. It’s really hard to appreciate your own life when things are going downhill, it’s difficult, but perhaps this weekend write down whatever it is that you’re thankful for. For me, there’s obvious things that I’m thankful for like family, friends, and so much more. But also focus on things that you might not necessarily be thankful for. I’m thankful that I was bullied, because I don’t think that if I didn’t go through this emotional pain, I wouldn’t have been so willing to help others through their tough times. Things that you don’t necessarily consider as good, can be good. It’s all about the perspective. And I know that sounds bad, it really does, I mean my grandfather just died recently, and I tried to find anything that would compensate, but there’s nothing. I can’t seem to find one good thing, but then I realized that he was in so much pain. He had cancer for 7 years, and he wouldn’t ever be the same person he was before, so maybe letting go was something that was good for him.

So whatever has happened through your life, try to look at it in a different perspective. Things have happened, and we need to look onward but of course also consider our past.

Be thankful where ever you are, because sure there are people who have it better than you, but there are people who are going through the same things that you are, or even have it worse than you. Make sure to be thankful in any situation ❤

Have a happy Thanksgiving!