Monthly Archives: November 2014

First Snowfall

It smells just like innocence and it reminds me of so many different memories.

When the first flakes of the season began this year,  something really magical begins to stir in the year. Something so white, so pure has descended upon us. Something that is different every year. No one snowflake is the same and even though it’s cold outside, something flutters to keep me warm inside. It’s like a fresh slate, a new ground of white fluffiness, giving you a chance to restart. A time to relax, and take the first jump into the snow and make snow angels, or ski down the bunny hill, or slide on a sleigh. Whatever that floats your boat, it’s something special. During this time, we’re surrounded by the ones that we love, and the beautiful indigo sky with breathtaking snowflakes dancing their spectacular dance.


Changing a bit everyday?

Sometimes I look at other people, and I’ll wonder how they were able to change so much within a year. But today, I’ve realized that a lot of people who used to treat me with disrespect have been treating me with respect now. And I’ve understood why they might have done that because even though all this time, I’ve believed or wanted to believe that I’ve remained the same person, I haven’t.

Life has changed me. And I can’t believe that I haven’t realized this until now. I was ungrateful before. I did not understand the price and value the things that I took for granted. I never once questioned the people in my life. I questioned with why this happened. But I never questioned the who. The people in the community that I never gave a second glance to are the same people who sustain it. And even though I think I’ve been treating people with respect, I need to look harder, because I feel changed. And definitely respect is not what is was back then.

Today, I understand more. I care more. And I think the main reason for that is the education that I have been so fortunate to receive. The education that only the privileged can receive. That’s why I feel that education is really the key to the future. I feel that truly with the depth of my soul. Education isn’t necessarily ‘knowledge,’ it’s a lot more than that. It’s something deeper within, it’s understanding, it’s feeling. It’s applying the things that you learned to something more, something outside of only yourself. It’s broadening your perspectives to help others. If everyone was given a chance to education, how much more would people care?

We give humans a lot less credit then they deserve. All the heartless beings out there… something made them that way. Maybe misinformation, the way that they were taught when they grew up? Many things. But I believe that when people receive an education, their eyes are not just opened to the world of knowledge, but to the world of love.

That’s why this year, I’ve decided to keep dedicating my time to help women receive the education they deserve.


Writing has been an incredible journey for me these past few years. It’s something that I can’t quite describe and put down into words, but it has allowed me personally to experience the new in a different light, and also find out who I really am and who I can be just by pouring my heart out onto paper. I feel that finding out people’s stories is something that I’m passionate about because finding out is like obtaining a key to unlocking something. Something like potential in either myself or others.

I have been writing for a long time and really pushed myself to the best that I can in this field I would say. I’ve put myself out there, and taken chances by entering countless writing competitions, with a few that I did win. To be honest, I think my perseverance is something to take a note of. For the longest time ever, I would be trying so hard to make sure my submissions would be the best and it would break my heart to read the ” Better luck next year,” part of the thank you for applying letter. But I understand that if I just wait until the bitter part of the candy is over, and wait until I get to the inside, there’s so many more greater things waiting for me. That’s the thing about writing, I know I can bring myself to give in that 110% because even if I don’t seem to win at the end of the day, I’ve gained so much already because at the end writing isn’t a race, it’s a journey.

I hope to really demonstrate the power of words and how much they can impact our world. It is often said that the action speaks louder than the word, but I think that words matter. I do believe actions matter, but words do too. And the context in which words are used can really be used as a catalyst in changing the world!

And that’s the key in itself. There is so much untapped potential in this world, and I feel that so many people have helped me find my way and become who I am, that I really need to give back. And keep that spark going and going.

So whatever it is that helps you unlock your own potential, whether it be expressing yourself through the arts, or sciences, or sports, or just being you, then go do it to the best of your abilities and pass that key forward!