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The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood

When our English teacher told us we were going to study some Literature, boy was I excited! But the moment she said Canadian, I was like whattttt but I absolutely love American Lit!

So when I started the Blind Assassin, I was like *le sigh*

But let me tell you this book is so beautifully unique, I cry for how amazing it’s written and how different it is from any book I’ve read before!

I’m not exaggerating but Ms. Atwood is incredible at imagery. Her writing style is crispy and clean, and is able to dive deep into details without sinking in to deep. She says enough for us to understand but she doesn’t say anything explicitly. The beauty I believe is in the raw and totally relatable characters and relationships which is what the plot revolves around.

The book is different because there’s a book within a book and switching perspectives, and flashbacks into the past which describe the present. It’s extremely confusing, but everything comes into focus at the climax.

The plot flows smoothly, and seems slow but is a great pace. An elderly woman names Iris Chase is reflecting on her past and the writing style is able to accurately capture how she has come to terms about her past and let go. The story starts off with her younger sister committing suicide at the ripe age of thirty. Iris then goes to explain all the details of her childhood and all the events that lead up to her sister’s suicide. Also various newspaper events are snuck into pages which Iris also explains. She also constantly flashes back to the past when she sees a certain object in her house or place in her town. We get to understand her as a person through how truthfully she describes herself and the way she describes her sister.

At the same time however there is a book called : The Blind Assassin,  in the literal book the Blind Assassin. The book inside that wedges between Iris’ first person is in the third person that overlooks an affair of a man on the run and a wealthy married woman. The man entertains the women through a made up story about a romantic relationship that takes place on the Planet of Zycron that seems to parallel to their tragic fate and romantic endings as well.

Through the process of the book, more hints are dropped of who this mystery woman is and who the man is through details of Iris’ and Laura’s past through Iris’ past accounts.

Readers will be completely dumb founded of what happens at the end. The climax suddenly appears out of nowhere! I was done 75%, and bam the climax happens! And a complete turn around of what I thought would happen, happened! It’s total situational irony, and the woman I thought was the mystery woman wasn’t!

This book was amazing! It kept me turning at the pages because I wanted to understand why the present was the way it was so I turned the pages to read the past and how the events led to the present. I was intrigued at the beginning. Why did a woman who seemed to have it all commit suicide? And who were the two men mentioned at the beginning, why did Iris seem to think that Laura needed to rid herself of Richard and Alex?

As you read, more layers of the past are lifted. Time is travelled through from WWII to the 21st century, and lives are seen through. You literally live beside Iris, and picture everything like she’s walking you through her life again.

Vivid, relatable, raw.


Facing Failure

Theres a moment in life where you reach a stopping point. A point that you can’t go any further because you’re just so tired. Tired of everything. Exhausted of this unending failure. Your efforts and hard work aren’t coming together. You’re tired from always encouraging but getting nothing to keep you going. It’s been so many times that you keep getting back up, but how many times will you, will I, keep mending our hearts and strength back together before it gets shattered again? 

Last year was emotionally draining for me and I had thought 2015 was a new year, a paved fresh start. However, recently this past month has been physically tiring me out as well as leaving my heart empty. There has been so many failures in my life this past month that I was on the brink of letting everything go, and just giving up. But right before I took that final sigh of releasing everything, I realized why I’m doing this.

All through the past few days, when failure after failure kept resulting from my hard work kept pushing me down, I asked myself why I was working so hard in the first place. And in that moment my dream became a lot more focused.

I’m committed to my goal that I can make a change in this world. I can’t let these failures get in the way of my journey to success. I cannot give up now because I’ve worked so hard. And looking at many people who have succeeded against the odds, I know that everyone goes through this. But what defines people who actually succeed compared to those who don’t, are the people who have a mind of steel. They cry, they rant, but they pick themselves and mend themselves back together.

So after many tissues, and a flood of tears later, I again realized crying can’t do anything but help me release my sorrows, I started to build myself back together again. I can’t let this stop, I won’t let this stop me. I believe, that this world can be a better place, and I will do the best I can to better myself into a position where I can bring about this change<3

For those of you struggling now, let me pray for you. You do not have to believe in my God, but in all these times, I pray and His voice washes over me. He gives me strength. And it is because of him, : “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” -Phillipians 4:13

Leave a comment below and I’ll pray for you. Please don’t give up, because the world can’t wait to see what you can contribute to this world. Everyone is amazing, and all the people I meet everyday, they amaze me. You are a light in this world that will make it brighter<3