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Dreams do come true!



Hard work

I have a couple of role models who I have looked up during my lifetime, but athletes in general are people I extremely admire. There mental strength to keep holding on and fight to whatever moment they are reaching for is so difficult. Training, improving, and getting hurt day in, day out. Perhaps, what I’m trying to say is that for me Michael Phelps and Jeremy Lin are people who deeply inspire me.

They have taught me whether it be just a few pages from a book or the few seconds of a video, that there is so much hard work that goes behind the scenes. When I read or watch the way that they train or do the same thing over and over again just to get it right seems so difficult. Yet they are human but they have achieved many unthinkable milestones.

I knew hard work was something important because after primary elementary I began seeing the value of hard work. Or the regret I would soon feel after if I hadn’t given it my 110%. But the thing is at the same time I knew that hard work didn’t always pay off. More often times than not, I had thought life wasn’t fair because not all hard work pays off. But what I’ve realized is yes not all the hard work we put in will have something come out of it. Rewards come out when you work so hard to the point that you are 100% positive that you have done more than those you are competing with. Even then though, it’s true that sometimes things don’t work out. But the good things, the valuable things in life (the feelings that you actually deserve it ) come from the fact that you worked so damn hard to get to wherever you needed to get to.

Now I don’t see hard work as ever going wasted, because life surprises you. Somewhere down that road, you might not achieve what you initially thought you would achieve, but you’ll achieve something else, something just as good.

Keeping focused

It’s important to not lose sight of who you are or what you stand for. Often it’s very easy to be swept away by what society or those around you expect. For most of my life, I am pained greatly when people don’t like who I am but the fact is that I haven’t ever been someone who I am not. There are many times I wish I could pretend to be someone that I feel others would like more, but no matter how hard I try the real part of me always seeps through. I’m not saying the real me is a horrible person. But what I am saying is that even though it’s difficult at times to accept who I am, I need to apply the same acceptance that I use for others to myself. I accept the uniquity of others because the world would not be the same without them. So on the same aspect, the weird quirky parts of you make the world special. If everyone was the same courteous lovable person, then I truly believe that the world would not be as amazing as it is today.

There are lines to be drawn from what is okay and what is not. It is correct to treat everyone with basic respect but if you’re exhausted of keeping emotions inside yourself, it’s unhealthy. I’ve lived the past seventeen years keeping things within. And when I do snap (not very often) it’s extremely physically and emotionally draining.

So please be you and keep believing in whatever you believe in and stand up for, because I accept you. 🙂


…things don’t work out the way we want them to.

…we get tired and lose hope of our dreams.

…we want the world to stop spinning and maybe just notice for one minute who we are.

Often times I feel that I am someone with particular feelings or emotions but as I learn more about others, I realized how many similar emotions we have or all the different type of situations we find ourselves in.

We all secretly have plans. We may not know where we’re going but perhaps we had a plan before. A plan that today I was going to do this, so tomorrow I could do that and so forth. Or maybe a more of a long term goal for others? Like do this and that so that I would be able to do something else in the future. Then when everything is aligned and well, things go the way planned! But during those times it’s so hard to lose sight of all the variables that ended up to make your plan successful. Also, we all have dreams or “had” dreams. And it was the same, work hard to a milestone, and about a few dozen milestones later you’ve reached the One. But wait, what if you can’t make the mini milestones work, are those big dreams impossible? As for me, I really don’t know. But if you’re like me and right now you’re in a sticky situation, read on. I’ve always been a person who needed to make goals or plans because I wouldn’t really get far without a that piece of motivation. I was constantly jumping at opportunities and for the most part content. You see I’ve hit another road block this time on my journey to success. But I’ve realized that writing has always been my foundation and the one thing that motivates myself to keep going. Here it is, if you feel that you have nothing left in you to fight for your dreams or you’re sick of failure after failure. You need to realize that if you’re reading this, that means you always have the opportunity to have that taste of success. You have a functioning body to be able to experience what life has to offer, the bad and the good. But what you need to think about is the fact that while you still have the chance to keep working, there are others who have long lost that chance either to sickness, disease, or because death got in the way of things before they could achieve things. It’s never to late and sure sometimes we all think it’s impossible.. but at least you need to give it another try. And if there are no other opportunities right now stop waiting for the perfect one to come along, create opportunities and possibilities for your own journey to success!

Right now I’ve hit a barrier but it’s not going to stop me. I just need to blink my eyes a few times and make sure to focus in on what I want to achieve. I’m not struggling for myself, but for those who forgotten about, those who do not have the ability to chase their dreams, and I hope you do too ~


Living 17 years on this earth is a blessing. 7 times I was so close to having my life snatched away from me because of the unpredictable daily events that can in a blink of an eye steal a life. Just in this past week leading up to my birthday, a lot has happened. A student of my fathers unexpectedly passed away after swimming at UBC. Sudden deaths are tragic and it’s very hard for us to be caught up in every death that occurs at every moment of the day, but when an individual leaves, the world has lost a beautiful fragment of the bigger puzzle.

Just like many this girl who passed away will be thought of just another number or a face blended in the countless deaths that occur with each passing day, but for me she is someone. A someone who I came to know and respect. I want to take the time to say that all deaths are tragic and I offer my condolences to all those suffering from the lost of a loved one. I cannot emphasize enough how I cannot comprehend the circumstances that have led me to live healthily as a 17 year old because of some of the experiences I have had, 17 years might be a short period of time but to me it’s a lot of time. A lot of time for me to fully understand the risks but for me to also make every single moment worth living for. To make each day that I can breathe and function, to do all that I can to make an impact. I don’t have a lot of time because I never know when my day will come. It’s tiring to live sometimes like there is a clock ticking, but I find that it’s better to be reminded constantly of how while I live, there are many who have not gotten to past their legacy on and it is up to me to do so.

If you’re reading this now, please release yourself from any grudges you may have and let go. Forgive the person and move on. You cannot let anger or any passionate emotions wring you any longer. Live and do the things you love so that you can fulfill dreams for those who cannot do so. Most importantly do them for yourself. Do it for the wonderful human being you are, because all our lives matter, and it’s up to us to do something about it.

Shooting an Elephant by Orwell; Review

A great friend of mine and one who has a great taste in literature, recently recommended some of Orwell’s essays to me. I am so glad he did because I am once again mind blown about the thought processing and profound use of writing that can make me delve deeper into philosophical ideas. I loved 1984! After reading it a year ago, I was hooked into Orwell’s writing. His writing made me connect on another level mainly because I shared many similar philosophies to the main character himself, Winston. Anyways, I apologize for going off a tangent but after reading some essays by Orwell and my review, definitely go check out his novels as well!

Here is the essay: Orwell Essay

After careful analysis on my part, I realized this was not necessarily a formal essay but a narrative. He starts with a wonderful start of his work in Burma. An important part to note is the simple yet elegant descriptions of the surrounding environment that enables readers to experience a bit of what this exotic place is like. A main feature of Orwell’s writing that I also admire is the closeness to 21st century English. Even though written more than a few decades ago, I can easily understand and interpret meanings of all of his works. The prominence of this essay is what I felt after reading it. I felt a gaping hole in my heart, and a throbbing in my head because what might seem a bizzare scenario: shooting an elephant touches upon my conscience. In that moment, when Orwell was contemplating his decisions, I flashbacked to many moments in my life where I had felt his conflictions. Was I supposed to do what was expected and the “right” thing in other’s eyes, or was I going to follow my heart and do what I considered was “right”? More times than not, I submit to the fear that is within me, that fear of no acceptance, or sudden hatred against me from society. I do the things that are expected and slowly lose a piece of me. The braveness of the narrator speaks through by connecting us all, in that he describes that he knew he was wrong. By fulling admitting it through this essay, it allowed me to find the courage within myself to empathize. I realized that we are all so much the same, more than we realize. So many times, I think that I’m the only one with these bad thoughts or weird thoughts, but reading Orwell’s writing has allowed me to admit my own mistakes and be able to feel somehow accepted.

I AM ?

An old poem I dug out from a year ago! I hope you guys enjoy:) This is a poem that I ope will inspire those who are constantly molded by those around them and fall prey to the pressuring circumstances. You are you, and it’s true that sometimes if you submit to being someone that society expects you to be, you may be more likeable or successful. But won’t it drive you insane? I appreciate you for who you are even though I have not seen you or met you, because our world moves forward due to the people who aren’t afraid to be themselves. So this poem is for you, for those who feel that they need to live up to expectations or tippy toeing around everything in their lives.

I am anything you want me to be…?

I am not an object

where my worth is tallied by

Your expectations, judgements, criticisms

I am not a tool

that should be taken advantaged of

Just Because

I’m ‘soft’

I am not a thing

that can be treated however it is

You think humans can be treated

Since I do not have the ability to defend myself

And no,

I am not your piece of clay

that will bend, dent, or fold into whatever shape

You decide to mold me into

I am me

A person completely different than you

Who should not be held captive in puppet strings

Under your condescending gaze

because I’m NOT

Good enough

Rich enough

Pretty enough

I am who I decide I can be

Not a person who is limited

By Your views of who

You think I should be

I am someone completely different

Than anything You would have thought of

In Your Wildest Dreams

I am anything I want to be