Monthly Archives: October 2015

Autumn Time

Autumn is officially here! I’ve never really enjoyed the warm days turning into chilly days in the fall but this year, I’ve begin to capture all the beauty that’s happening right now!

This post is about reflection 🙂 Starting School again is definitely one of the most important things that happen in the fall time but it’s been quite busy that I’ve begun to lose time to do the things that make me happy, like writing my blog. Reflecting takes a lot of time and I’ve heard a lot of comments about how unproductive it is. But a penny for my thoughts, reflection is what makes us grow.

Are you starting to get bogged down with the new school year starting? Know that you’re not alone! It’s good to put on some music or take out a book and while de-stressing ponder the commitments you have.

It’s hard to take our minds off things sometimes, but autumn is perfect for me in that way. I can’t stop to admire the beauty all around me right now and while nature is celebrating with all the vibrant colours, I can’t help but be grateful even in my own stressful life right now.



Stress in Life

I realized that amidst all the business of life, that there’s some many things to be grateful for. I finally discovered for myself that stress is a choice and not the only option.

Even though this month is the busiest month (okay maybe closely tied) in my past seventeen years of existence, I can’t help but feel calm. These past few mornings and nights, God has painted the sky with so many beautiful colours and that just reinds me that He is always there. His nature is a constant reminder of His promise and plan for me. And that life is meant to be enjoyed. It’s okay to take a look away from what you’re doing, and be happy. The sky is full of promises but also reminders, different colours all the time and how in one second the clouds can drift away. Just like things in life, opportunities pass, so when you see them take a leap of faith. Don’t wait because after a quick period of time, it might disappear and never come back again.


Even when times are difficult, it’s hard not to be thankful since I have so many blessings. I am very fortunate and at times that makes me feel very guilty. I wish for more equality even if it means my living standards have to dip but the reality is not like that. This past week wasn’t the greatest especially when certain events happened that really caused my to lose control. But now I believe I’m so much quicker on getting back up from supposed failure. And this thanksgiving I am especially thankful that I have had so many chances. Each and every day is a new beginning and an opportunity for me. I have the choice to seize it because I do not know what the future holds or I have the choice to keep complaining like I did in the past. It’s easy to complain sometimes, and I know when I’m sad, I love to pour even more unhappy things onto myself. But this year, I’m going to remember just how lucky I am ❤ It’s not just about the thanks, but it’s also about the giving. A new legacy to be thankful and give every single day for the rest of our lives.

“It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.”-Mother Theresa

P.S. I am very thankful for every single one of you out there, who has given me incredible support! It means a lot to me when someone takes the time to read my posts or comment! I wish you all the best this year~