My Artwork

Down below is an amalgamation of my artistic pursuits from the past three years. My creative background began when I started art class from the age of three. At the age of five I started participating in art competitions up to last year. All in all, I have been regularly immersed in art from 2001-2015.

My work has received recognition through the explorART Children’s Creative Painting Awards and Exhibitions in the years: 2004 (Bronze), 2006 (Silver, Best Structure), 2008 (Silver), 2010 (Best Technique), 2012(Gold),2015 (Best Pattern). My winning artwork has been exhibited at the Dr. Sun Yat‑Sen Gardens in Vancouver for the purpose of the competition.

I have been working with mediums like the acrylics, oil, gouache, pencil crayon,charcoal, and felts. Specific forms of drawing and painting include: portrait drawing, sketching, and imitation painting.

Specific details of artwork included: The Art of the Digital Age won Gold in 2012 for explorART and The Water Bucket won Best Pattern in 2015.

Encompassing the Night
The Water Bucket
Life Thoughts
Winter Wonderland
The Art of the Digital Age
A Mother’s Love
A Study of Roses