Art was what got me through family deaths, personal medical problems, and bullying. I can’t imagine not having art in my life which is why I combined it with my love for helping others. I started Art2Heart with the hopes of empowering youth through the arts, to create opportunities for exploration, and to introduce the benefits of art for the community. For the past years, we have held drop in meetings to explore different art mediums: poetry, photography, music, painting, etc. As a by youth for youth program, we ask talented and willing youth to lead these workshops. We also go around the city to hold workshops for events such as Surrey Steps Up, Guildford Rec Winter Gala, and the Surrey Leadership Action Conference. Working to create opportunities, we have held face painting fundraisers at local parks and two annual art gallery events.

The mission behind Art2Heart is to not only provide artistic opportunities for youth but to also empower them to develop confidence in the pursuit of their own goals and in helping others in the community. We believe in using art to impact the hearts in our city by giving back and working with city organizations. Furthermore, as a for youth by youth organization, we give youth leadership opportunities to lead workshops, run events or fundraisers, and interact with various people in the city.

Since founding Art2Heart and implementing its projects, over hundreds of youth and public attendees have attended our art galleries and arts related events. Each month, ten to fifteen youth attend our youth led workshops. By securing larger grants and collaborating with more organizations, we are able to create sustainable community projects. Specifically, for this year in order to implement more community based projects, I have been revamping the business and marketing strategy for Art2Heart.


To find out more information or how to get involved, feel free to visit the websites below.