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“maybe it is not ‘I think, therefore I am’ at the base of our experience of identity. Maybe instead it is, ‘I see YOU and I cannot help but feel the deep, inherent connection to you’. Maybe THAT is where our identities are constituted. Perhaps that connectedness and responsibility for the other is the base of everything”-Professor Davis

I know everyone’s life isn’t easy, I know it for a fact. I started this website back in 2012 with the goal to empower you on your own journey.

In 2011, I was bullied both at school and online to the point that I began to question my self worth and give up on the big dreams I had. Knowing the feelings of loneliness and worthlessness, I was empowered to start this website when a friend of mine opened up about her own story of depression, bullying, and attempting suicide. From being each others’ sources of inspiration, I found the courage within me to share my story in hopes of brightening other people’s lives so that they love and believe in themselves to take care of themselves as well as others.

From reading countless personal accounts through literature or media, and connecting with people from their stories, I am sure that everyone has had a struggle, is struggling, or will struggle at some point in their life. I’ve had struggles in my life: seven near death experiences (not extremely horrific, more like frightening) and spontaneous lung collapses. Despite these obstacles, I am extremely fortunate and beyond grateful of the blessed life I have.

This is why I write ajourney2success, to connect with individuals like you, reinforce your untapped potential, and perhaps provide inspiration or guidance in your difficulties. But most importantly to thread our stories, our lives together with the unification of love, purpose, and hope for a better world.


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I started this website five years ago to send a message that you are not alone. I hope through expanding this website to not just reflect my own stories but the incredible stories of my friends, you can feel more inspired, more loved, and more empowered.

This is about you. You are a person with unbelievable capacities and unique characteristics and I wish to reiterate time and time again but you can achieve success.

For me, success is about growth.Growth can come in various forms  but I believe a lot of it has to do with being the best person you can be and continually challenging yourself to learn from everyone and everything.


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From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you for being here and taking the time to invest in my blog. Writing this has been a rewarding experience; It has not only been a way for me to connect with amazing individuals but it has also been a therapeutic way for self expression and a reflection process for self development.

I hope you enjoy your time here and learn something special.