Jane Eyre- Charlotte Bronte

I should start off by saying that this book is a classic. As I read through this book, (haven’t finished yet,)I realized just how of an amazing Ms. Bronte is as writing. The feelings that the main character, Jane Eyre felt were so vivid that I began to blush when Jane blushed, and felt anger when Jane felt angry. Even though some of the words are old english, I began to find it extremely easy to read by the first few chapters. I would give this book an 8/10 mostly because of the writing style. Every book is different for each and every person. I usually like action and adventure but this book was the exactly the opposite. If you’re out on your lawn on a beautiful sunny day or even a dull evening, take out this book. It’s certainly relaxing and won’t have you on the edge of your chair, gripping the arms, but it’s window back in time to see how life was back in the olden days.


The book is about Jane Eyre who recounts her childhood, becoming a lady, and the transition into adulthood. Jane Eyre lost both of her parents at a young age, and was under the care of her Uncle. However when her Uncle died, she was taken poorly by her aunt. She was often scolded and mistreated by her cousins.Eventually she was able to go to go get education at an all girl school and was disciplined into a Renaissance Woman ( a woman who could do everything.) She is later hired as a governess for Mr. Rochester a man who is known famously for his riches. She teaches his niece Adele all the things she needs to know. It is during this period of time that she starts to find herself being attracted to Mr. Rochester, a man she knows who will never her love her back because of her status (being poor.)


I will stop there as if I recount too much then there will be no point in reading. I am at the climax of the book which is after the part of her realization of loving Mr. Rochester, her master. Definitely check it out!

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