Being a Role Model

You think that perhaps if you’re not famous or successful or rich, or anything spectacular that no one’s going to notice you. But, obviously, that’s wrong. There’s probably someone out there who watches your every move without you knowing. It could be the child with big expectant eyes when you help them tie their shoes at the park, or the parent who you don’t really pay attention to when you’re competing against their child. The people you see every day, some make impressions on you, and you admire them. Admire them for what they do, you admire them for them. To you, they are your role model. And to others, you are a role model as well. You think that when you say something people aren’t going to remember. You think when you do something it might be remembered, but memories fade with time…. But words for some can last a lifetime. It’s good to make sure what you say is filled with love instead of hatred, because once you say something, or do something, you can’t ever take it back. You can’t rewind time and redo it. So when you’re out there doing what you’re getting at, make sure that you know many people look up to you. They admire you for you, and don’t take advantage of that by doing more things you aren’t proud of. When you do things, don’t be selfish. It isn’t just for yourself. It’s for the people who look up to you, the people who love you for you, and yes, also yourself. But do things that you know will make the people you love proud.

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