Grades are generic. It is quite ironic how every student is different yet put to the standard by a single letter. The truth being told, grades do not accurately describe or even reflect a student’s progress, achievement , or improvement. Each school is different in how they assess grades from different teaching techniques, different teachers and even the school curriculum. However, when placing grades as an importance to a student’s future, attention should be drawn to effort due to the distinct attributes of each school.

In the real world, diligent people who are not necessarily geniuses are the people who actually sculpt the world into a better place. Schools build the bridge between childhood to adulthood. A vital connection that should point out that even lazy students with potential aren’t necessarily ready for the real world or prepped up for success by their brains, but also their attitudes and charisma. Take for instance Cary Firoina, a woman who worked diligently, she was later recognized for her unwavering determination and became the CEO of HP. She wasn’t necessarily the best candidate for the job, but her willingness to work hard no matter the obstacles led her to get her job done. The will to go above and beyond allowed success to find her.

At school, students who work hard but do no achieve good results and grade begin believing that in order to succeed in school or life that potential or smartness should be engrained in their brains when they are born. As no matter how hard they push themselves they can’t seem to achieve the grade or goal they might eventually give up. Hardworking students with limited achievement are often discarded by teachers. Their drive and determination forces students to work even harder if they really want to succeed. Even though they ay not be the best, they push themselves in the correct mindset, to work even harder. Many examples f students who weren’t necessarily excellent in the classroom led them to their success in the future.

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