School isn’t starting?

September is a time when the sun starts to set before 8 and the leaves begin to lose their vibrant colours. It seems to me that even the leaves are dreading the time of going back to work or more explicitly back to school. The beginning of fall isn’t just a time to drink a PSL Latte while cozying under the covers with my favourite books but also a time to start with a clean slate. It’s like the real first for me for new beginnings closely tied with New Years for me. School is so much more than just school. 

I know I sound like such a nerd for saying that, but hey, why is there such a bad connotation to that word? I mean I define a nerd as a person who is passionate about something they deeply care about. So I am a nerd, and I am kind of proud of it. School’s like a rhythm for me, it’s like another wake up call, a pinch in the cheeks to get my life back on track. A rude awakening to chase my dreams and really bring my dreams to action. In the summer I plan, but heck when September rolls around, the school mode just sparks my planning into action. 

So I kind of had a hunch that school ‘might’ not happen with all that teacher strike action going on. But I couldn’t believe it, until the wretched words were staring at me, as I scrolled aimlessly through the news, “School won’t be happening on Sept.2nd for BC students.”  

Now, you got to hear me out. I’m not going to be that bummer who totally wants school to start and be THAT person. I don’t want to go back to school because of the academics, okay sorry, that was mean. But what I mean is that yes I do love school for academics but so much more. School is about education, but it also isn’t. School’s a lot to me, because some of the things I love the most are there. All the things I’m passionate about like my clubs and extracurriculars circulate around the whirl of school. I love learning, not just about school subjects, but learning life lessons from friends and teachers. I love the pump of adrenaline every time I walk to school because I know even though it might not matter, but school trains me to work hard. It teaches me to care for others, it teaches me to look out for others, to stand up for things I care about, and most importantly it teaches me to understand. After encountering so many different people on a daily basis at school, I hear their stories, and connections are made. Not just with students, but custodians, principals, staff, and yes teachers too. I love listening to their personal lives, yes, I know it sounds creepy, but I love how adults care about me, care about me as a person and not just as a student. 

Going to school is like going back to my second home. Where people I love and care about, people who care and appreciate me for who I am are waiting to welcome me back to a new year with open arms.

But sadly, this year, I don’t even know when that will be… I mean school’s not starting tomorrow? I’m still in summer break mode, I didn’t even go back to school shopping because I don’t know why, but somehow this teacher strike stuff is really getting to me, and I actually believe that school won’t start for a while. And it makes me sad, more than sad even. I had so many plans for my clubs, and how I was going to be a better person (not that I’m not, but I can always improve,) and the thing is a lot of my plans are disrupted. I support the teachers, I really do. But I really care about my education, and other students’ as well, because we all know school isn’t just about courses, but about many other things. Athletics, clubs, and we all live for the drama don’t we?;) 


I’ll still be praying and crossing my fingers, but I guess this year will be a lot different. I might as well stop complaining. Things happen for a reason, so I might as well take this time to adjust and prep for next year, considering it will be my hardest year. Good luck to everyone who might be starting school tomorrow, and if not, join me by praying or if that’s not your thing, cross your fingers too<3


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