“Writing serves different purposes for everyone. Some people write to make something ugly beautiful, some write to leave a part of themselves to be remembered, some write to give words soul and meaning, and some write to exist in non-existence.”-Sam Madison

I find this truly amazing, because I write so much that I did not seek deeper to really question myself and others the important question of why we write.

Many of us might obviously write because we have to, build vocabulary, or even become healthier!

But I thought about existing in non-existence and that is something breathtaking. As a avid reader, I constantly find myself exploring many different worlds than the actual one I’m living. But what I failed to see was that as a writer myself, I also constantly shift worlds. I truly exist in non existence. Even though that is an amazing reason to be a writer, where obviously book writers, or story writers often claim this is their reason. As a teenager, I started to write because I wanted to create something, make it my own, but also change things that were ugly into things that are beautiful. Honestly, I try to take my experiences, turn it into something, and hope by doing that inspire others to feel beautiful.

I’m seriously lack confidence, but when I write, I’m not afraid. I’m not afraid for people to read my blog, scrutinize everything and judge me. Writing has helped me grow enormously, and enjoy my life. I lack confidence because I think I’m not good enough. I don’t ever think I’m doing enough and I try to really gain confidence, but heck it’s hard. I often don’t find myself beautiful too, so that’s another reason that I write. To beautify the ugly in life, or more specifically the ugly in my life.

I write here because I care. I care about you, my passionate reader. A person who took about 5minutes or more to read this  because that’s time you’ll never give back, and instead you gave it to me. Just knowing that, makes my heart churn. I write for myself but also for you. I hope you find inspiration and love in my words. Because one thing that I learned that sure actions do speak louder than words, but boy are words powerful. They can change everything you believe in, they can make you doubt, they can hurt you and break you, but they also can empower you.

That’s what I want to do. I want to empower people who hurt, people who don’t love themselves because they think they’re not beautiful. Let me tell you that you are. No matter what kind of imperfect mess you think yourself as, just know you cannot and will not let others impressions of you change your life, just like they did for me. At one point of life, you’re going to get hurt but don’t ever take things personally from people you do not love. Do not ever hurt yourself like that, don’t ever hurt yourself by repeating the things that kick you in the stomach the most. Sometimes I do that, I read those messages that my friend who cyber bullied me sent, or I chant and laugh bitterly at the nicknames I were given. It’s cruel. Don’t do that ever. Instead, I recommend you write.

Writing is a medium of where you can let your stories unravel. Everyone has a story, a different gorgeous story that is just waiting to be told. So what are you waiting for? Go tell your story, your audience is waiting.

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