I have a couple of role models who I have looked up during my lifetime, but athletes in general are people I extremely admire. There mental strength to keep holding on and fight to whatever moment they are reaching for is so difficult. Training, improving, and getting hurt day in, day out. Perhaps, what I’m trying to say is that for me Michael Phelps and Jeremy Lin are people who deeply inspire me.

They have taught me whether it be just a few pages from a book or the few seconds of a video, that there is so much hard work that goes behind the scenes. When I read or watch the way that they train or do the same thing over and over again just to get it right seems so difficult. Yet they are human but they have achieved many unthinkable milestones.

I knew hard work was something important because after primary elementary I began seeing the value of hard work. Or the regret I would soon feel after if I hadn’t given it my 110%. But the thing is at the same time I knew that hard work didn’t always pay off. More often times than not, I had thought life wasn’t fair because not all hard work pays off. But what I’ve realized is yes not all the hard work we put in will have something come out of it. Rewards come out when you work so hard to the point that you are 100% positive that you have done more than those you are competing with. Even then though, it’s true that sometimes things don’t work out. But the good things, the valuable things in life (the feelings that you actually deserve it ) come from the fact that you worked so damn hard to get to wherever you needed to get to.

Now I don’t see hard work as ever going wasted, because life surprises you. Somewhere down that road, you might not achieve what you initially thought you would achieve, but you’ll achieve something else, something just as good.

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