Tackling challenges head on can be tough sometimes, and reality that you don’t want to be reality, can be so difficult to deal with.

I think one of the most beautiful things in this world is the resilience that I see all around me. I love that how despite everything: all the pain and suffering that there are these people I know and strangers around me that continue to fight, to strive, to reach. i don’t know if that’s not beauty then what is? I used to constantly be afraid of pain, especially physical pain. I was scared of the pain of getting hurt both physically and emotionally. I read numerous stories and historical documents then watched countless videos and documentaries, which all  descriptively accounted these horrific injustices that were enacted on humans. Humans like me, with the same flesh and bones that hold up one single body. The same emotions of pain, fear, and desperation. But I couldn’t comprehend what it would be like to ever starve to death, die painfully, or cope with the struggles that millions hav gone through.

However, if it’s one thing that I realized is that we have strength. This amazing beautiful thing that has so much untapped potential. Personally I can’t do it alone because God is always there for me and He is what gives me strength to tap into my own courage. But all humans have this noteworthy strength that can get them through the toughest challenges, and the painfullest of times. It all comes down to the mindset and the strength of the mind. Facing reality is hard but it needs to be done. When I had to undergo rapid procedures last year, it was very painful! Even under painkillers, it hurt a lot. I felt the numbed down version of what it was like to have a thin knife split my chest open but I got through it. If you asked me a couple years back if I could live through that I would have said no. I would have said I couldn’t stand the pain, but look at me now, I’m through it and I’m alive.

I am always scared of things but I truly believe when the time comes and hard to bear things come at me, I know I can get through it. Because at that time there is nothing to do but fight. There is not point in crying ( but it does make me feel better), but just to take a deep breath and face it head on.

Whatever you’re facing right now, you can get through it. “Just look within yourself and you’ll find a hero”

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