In honour of all the veterans I wrote a few pieces from a few years back that I would like to share. Their sacrifices were what gave many of us the life we have today. Soaking up the cold but sunny air, I am blessed. There’s nothing that words can say or even try to amount for all the things that those who fought, gave it their all, and died for us. But I can try.. to continue their legacy through my words and my actions.

As I lie here

Pain soaring up my leg

I think if all of this was worth it

I close my eyes, and blink back the tears

My children will grow up without a father, a missing piece

I hope that they will be able to live in a world with peace

I dream of a peace that we have fought

and sacrificed for

An everlasting peace that will go on and on

To all the ends of the earth covering everyone like a fulfilling blanket

That even when it embraces,

it opens eyes that violence is not the answer

To give us the satisfaction that we were all worth it

And even though we won’t be alive to see it

There is an infinite hope,

that other’s will see

Our sacrifice, despair, and suffering

As a means to change, to remember, to be obligated to love

That in all we do

There is nothing worth doing but helping others

My last wish is that,

In death we will not be forgotten

But a way to remember

That we are obligated to give a helping hand

As my heart becomes heavy laden, I dream that one day

There will be peace

As my body becomes limp,

All I can feel is

A tender hand stroking my cheek,

A blurry shadow of light pulling me up

That is my dream

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