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Hey everyone I wrote a poem in English class and thought I would share. It is in the form of a glosa which is an extension of another poet’s piece. I hope you like it:)

The Great Unknown by Cecilia

until the light of the world

has the unity of the ocean,

a generous wholeness

a fragrance alive and crackling   “Too Many Names” by Pablo Neruda


Look within thoroughly

under, around, and all over

do you see the moon continually

chasing the sun-

tumbling into the spread of glittering stars

Do you feel the humming of these mysterious kinds

an unacknowledged quietness stretching out to

the depths of the universe and curves of ourselves?

There is much to find in all the life provides

but until the light of the world collides


with our beating hearts

and makes itself known within,

We won’t understand who we are.

Do you understand that it is

the spider’s intricate web adorned with perfect

dew drops-an almagamation

of simplicity and beauty?

The grasp of Love encompasses so many things

like the tumbling commotion

of the waves but has the unity of the ocean


A simple miracle living

through each and every single one of us.

Coming together, falling apart-

sinking into a single defining point.

this is it, what we need, what we breathe.

In all its goodness

Love unites, revives, and sacrifices

Takes the bad—

makes it better in its completeness.

Leaving us showered with a generous wholeness.


So now as we stand fully revealed

in what is our newly found content.

We will still stand together

when the storm comes.

All it is, is the sprinkling of the rain’s kisses,

the drenching of Grace revealing

Itself time and time again

(not always within)

but among us- brightly intoxicating

like a fragrance alive and crackling


Pablo Neruda is an amazing poet! I was just recently introduced to his works and I was just shocked at the vibrancy with which he writes and the connection he is able to make with readers. My poem is an extension of what I felt his poem, “Too Many Names” is about among many different themes as well.


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