If you’re like me, maybe you’ve been told by friends and teachers on what to expect for university but you still don’t know exactly what to expect… I’ve been told university is quite a big deal (transition into adulthood). I’m nervous, excited, scared, sad, happy, and a whole amalgamation of emotions. But what I’m trying to say is that university is not going to be easy and sometimes plain difficult and frustrating but its a wonderful opportunity to discover more of the world around you and explore the depths of who you are. You’re going to revel in new realms, expanses of knowledge galaxies, and find friendships that can be treasured for a lifetime. Perhaps, the ambiguity of whats to come is what makes the experience even more worthwhile?

But for now as we trek the first steps into a new period of our lives, I want to remind you of a few things:

Never lose sight of who you really are.

Work hard but always put yourself first (this means health and well-being).

Study hard yes but study smarter!

In times of difficulty, not only look within for strength but also around.

Lastly, enjoy this time because sooner than we know it, we’ll be looking back on it 🙂

This is honestly quite a short post despite all the feelings I have, but maybe after the first week of university I’ll post a more in depth blog.



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