Dear 2017,

I’m sorry I’m a bit late to the New Year Resolution’s thing… I mean with every year, your siblings got in the habit of expecting these resolutions because I do, I must admit, make one every year.

Now no excuses but I was a little caught up with a little hospitalization at the tail end of 2016 that rolled into the New Year. It was quite the surprise actually because despite spending my 2014 Christmas at the hospital handing out gifts to children, 2016 gave me the gift of being the patient.

Even though I wouldn’t say this is the smoothest start to 2017, I always begin each year with hope of a continuation of dreams and empowering others; This year is no different.

So please 2017, let me request one thing, out of anything promise me this one. Let me ask that first and foremost that you love people. You love them fully and continually through every second of everyday. Remind them that even during their worst times that someone supports them, loves them, and always wishes the best for them. But also give them that heart that is filled with their own love. Let them see how beautiful and capable of accomplishing wonderful things. Shower them with affection but help them see that hero within them. There are many people out there, 2017, who don’t see their reflection and neglect themselves of their own love and potential. I know you can love them and I know you can help them discover who they really are. 2017, let it be the year when I can say and those around me can love ourselves and others around us wholeheartedly.

The list continues you know? But I must say if you can’t grant me any of these wishes, do at least grant the first one. However just in case, the second is that I ask you to bestow courage. Fill people will courage to be who they are, to stand up for what they believe in, and to fully accept themselves and those around them. 2016 was a year of upheaval and brokenness from conflict… will you please give people the courage to remain true to who they are? To give those who are fighting, hope to go on? To give those who don’t realize how wonderful they are, the confidence to pursue their dreams? 2017, let it be the year where you illuminate empowerment and catalyze the beginnings of a domino effect where we not only help ourselves but help those around us find courage.

The last thing, 2017, can you help people find beauty? To see the beauty in life, no matter how dark it gets or how turbulent the waters might crash against them? That no matter what, don’t separate them from that beauty of their life, their living, and their loved ones. Don’t let hatred or darkness override that beauty. That beauty we need to do more than thrive; the beauty we need to live a continual life of wonder, exploration, and experiencing the amazing. Help them hold onto that beauty with all they’ve got… because those dark times will be so hard. They will blacken the beauty but I believe that the beauty always exists. Just help them in washing away that darkness; reveal life’s majesty, uncover the hidden treasures among them (the people living around them, the hope that fills the air).

If you really help people and me with these things, do you know how big that would be?

Thank you 2017, really thank you for giving us a clean slate to love even more fearlessly, to reach out to others more recklessly, and to care for ourselves with all that we’ve got ❤

2 responses to “Dear 2017”

  1. juliakaylin Avatar

    I enjoyed reading your post! I look foward to reading more of your posts! Good luck and happy new year!

    1. ceciliapang8 Avatar

      Thanks Julia! Happy New Year to you too! I wish you all the very best:)

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