Hey everyone,

It’s definitely been a while since my last post and I promise that I haven’t forgotten our journey together.


I’ve currently been contemplating, reading, doing research, and writing for a book I have always wanted to write. While pursuing that dream of mine, I realized that I’ve also been ignorant for your journeys. If you’re working towards a goal of yours or if you haven’t found the courage yet to take that step, know that it’s super hard. Life is generally quite difficult. In this way, I’ve learned to not just try and understand others but to actually understand them. I’ve done this by fully putting away my personal biases and judgements or the hurt I might have felt towards certain actions. Then I try to piece together what caused them to do what they are doing. I guess what I’m saying is that even though difficulties cannot excuse certain behaviours, it’s the least we can do to understanding others and the difficult lives that we do not know around us.

On this tangent from hard work, this is a small excerpt of the book I’m working on and it’s actually a memoir of my personal experiences, my new insights, and how I tackle with privilege as I go about aspiring to leave a positive change in this world.

“Whenever you feel like criticizing any one,” he told me, “just remember that all the people in this world haven’t had the advantages that you’ve had.”-The Great Gatsby

I was really bitter to accept and let go of things that meant very much to me these past few months. Super challenging and I must admit that I felt disappointment when I really counted on some people to be there for me. But Gatsby’s quote really rings true. Honestly, I was mad that I lost things that I couldn’t get back and in the process of self pity, I neglected people who might really need someone to ask if they’re okay. I was so caught up with myself that I didn’t bother to look around me. Obviously it’s easier said then done to count your blessings in times of difficulty. I found it hard to praise God. But now as I’ve come out of a difficult time, I haven’t stopped counting my blessings. Breathing without pain, getting out of bed without difficulty, having eyes to see the weather, and onwards. Even having an appetite and going to the washroom yourself is a tremendous blessing. If you’re struggling or anything, I know that feeling. It’s something that’s continually plunging within your being and you feel like you’re gasping for relief and for air. Obviously I don’t know what you’re going through, but I definitely mean it if you need someone to listen. I will listen and I will be there. You matter and sometimes the people around you will be busy but there are others who will step up.
*this is facebook and super informal but i can’t stress it enough, there’s bound to be someone out there among my circle of friends who is struggling so please reach out.

On another note, if you have the capability to chase your dreams then chase them as hard as you can. Three years ago, living beside young children with terminal illnesses, I realized that without a doubt I wanted to live and pursue my passions and extend a legacy for people who can’t chase their dreams.

If you have a healthy body, relish in that beautiful blessing. And don’t ever give up chasing that dream, remember that yes hard work does not = success but at least you have that opportunity to try.

This past week, I’ve connected with many people who went through what I went through and like me they had to give up their dreams of becoming a doctor, being in the army, or becoming a pilot. Sometimes success in a certain area does not soley depend on hard work, it can come from luck too. So if you have the luck within your favour, play as hard as you can.


Refer to J.K. Rowling’s best advice for anyone determined to succeed if you are looking for extra inspiration:)

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