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2015-2016 What a great start to the new year! With our new team of execs we can’t wait to tackle our issues! Due to privacy concerns I won’t be able to upload the newspapers until I graduate but hold tight until then because you can feel free to use them as templates or how a school newspaper might look like!

We have sent out our November issue electronically for the first time which I am so excited about! Due to my recent hospitalization and the delayed publishing, our principal thought it would be better to mass send it to all the families at our high school! I hope that once parents read it that they’ll get their children involved with the school newspaper because it’s a great opportunity!!

2014-2015 This year, I had the wonderful opportunity passed down to me to continue on the legacy of our school’s newspaper. Now I just recently got super interested into article writing, blogging and this new style of writing, that I finally realized it’s called: journalism.

I know I’m kind of slow. Anyways because I live in BC, the teacher strike is still continuing on which means right now I’m just still figuring out logistics for all the clubs I’m in, and prepping for the SATs, so my role has not kicked off just yet.

Basically what I have been doing as the Editor Chief is renovating the PB Works website where writers will post their articles into. PBWorks is a platform that can help with organizing files, pages, and a great place to work on things like projects. Then I started to find an exec team, and made an exec form for people to complete and tell me about their skills. I then used social media as a great way to get the word out to people about the 2014-2015 positions that were open. Once applications were due, I began to create a professional email to email out the congratulatory responses to those who applied and debriefed them what their roles meant.

For this year, I have a team about 7-8 other people. Roles include VP’s of Writing, Editing, Marketing, Technology, and I have secretaries to keep our meetings in check, and last but not least webmasters to help out with all the layout and presentations.

I’ll keep you updated as soon as we are in our first issue for the year which will probably be October.

Our school newspaper is written by students for students. It’s meant for a way for students to write and talk about important things that are happening around the school but also things that are important to them in their everyday lives, or around the world.

Just remember when you’re an Editor in Chief, that you need to believe and also unlock potential in others. Often this role is a leadership role, so being the Editor means that you need to take initiative and also motivate others when things become tough!

Good luck, actually scratch that, I wish you success for this year and I hope you have a lot of fun!

2 responses to “Editor in Chief”

  1. whatleys Avatar

    Very good points! I was an Editor for the yearbook at my school so I can definitely relate!

    1. ceciliapang8 Avatar

      thanks girl for all the support :* very much appreciated

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