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This page is exclusively about my club at school which is a branch from the Free the Children organization. It is one of the largest youth to youth non profit organizations in the world! The founder is Craig Kielburger and this organization focuses on water sanitation, education, building villages, woman rights, aboriginal rights, and so much more. If you’re interested check out the website: http://www.freethechildren.comThis page will be dedicated to the many fundraiser ideas that I might have that you can use to kick start your own club and also it will be a tab on how my fundraisers go!*Just a tip: the top will be current news *So this year started 2015-2016 and I’m behind! But I’ll post pictures with a description of what I have been doing, and all the challenges I’ve faced!
Check us out on FB: FHFTC

 THE FINALE: I would just like to take this time to thank all of you for following me on this journey. I would like to believe that many members were impacted and have had their own journey’s to initiating change. The growth I’ve went through as a leader and a global citizen is phenomenal. To recap all these past years and many wonderful memories, please enjoy this video I created with most of our events:

A BRAND NEW YEAR: 2015-2016:
2015-2016 RECAP: We raised over 1000$ this year for educational initiatives in El Trapiche, Nicaragua! Thank you to everyone who has supported our fundraisers and believed in our club ❤ We would not have been able to do it without you!
June: WE CREATE CHANGE! A small engagement fundraiser that raised 200$! We put small cups in every classroom where students could drop off change in their homeroom. The winning class won an icecream class! Congratulations Ms. Deroscher’s class, very well deserved!
13413773_1797247637171154_1287571481947806742_n 12991123_1797247633837821_7860092446599525436_n 13346512_1797247653837819_1737973193320274080_n12990842_254329944911558_8422979748442017876_n12963410_1083519305052544_8323990990842976415_n12920353_1083519275052547_3091693931774314588_n12932545_1083519258385882_1924969244101733850_n
May: We held a wonderful annual bubble tea sale with our new execs in charge! We were able to raise around 300$!
 13245274_1113009118770229_73219794880246212_n 13118868_1216892891657160_352237208397201458_n13263831_10209470624148654_533817105988268786_n13151869_10209366823353699_6936389231246253212_n
April: We are Silence was very successful! We were able to engage over 50 school members through the vow and the media blackout:) And we had many great art submissions (see below)
IMG_2828 image1 image2 P_20160419_150920
We also had many great promotional posters made by our talented Marketing Director: Hebah!
March: This is a very big month as we will be greatly preparing for our We are Silent annual flagship artistic competition. It focuses on bringing awareness but also giving an opportunity for youth to safely and effectively express their views on those without their voice (either through abuse, bullying, or lack of rights around the world).
For more information on how to get involved with the We are Silent campaign watch this video:
We Are Silent. In April, there will  be a Vow of Silence where students will be able to get their friends and family to pledge money to support them as they do not speak or go on social media for 24 hours. The money raised will be going to support our education fundraiser!
February: It was a month of love and spreading awareness<3 Our photobooth fundraiser went so well that all our polariods sold out!
We made a backdrop and created a lot of props using just regular poster paper, creativity, and contruction paper!
A lot more of our peers definitely came out to join in on the fun while learning more about Free the Children!
January 2016: The new year will be full of plans! We will be launching into campaigns like We Create Change! The focus for this month was more on making a farewell basket to our wonderful principal Ms. Morissette who is retiring at the end of January. We got all our members to make origami flowers and then filled it with her favourite chocolates:IMG_2080 IMG_2081

December 2015 recap: We held our cookie decorating contest, which was a success! All our submissions are below:)

We then did a bake sale at our local grocery shop! And raised 300-400$! Pictures below:

12294815_795052997306118_7894466801672414816_n 12366401_795053017306116_3809519843457257525_n

December: We are holding so many events in December and I am so excited! We have a cookie decorating contest scheduled for Dec 10th which is mostly meant to engage our peers and to sprinkle around some Christmas spirit! Then we are decorating Christmas Cards for the Women in Vancouver Eastside who don’t have a home and don’t receive gifts every year. We are also doing a community bake sale at our local store Nesters!!! We will be doing that on Dec 19th!
And then finishing off, we will be going carolling at the senior center I volunteer at to spread around the Christmas cheer!
We will also do some team bonding during the Christmas Break by going downtown and skating at Robson Square or visiting the hospitals around town!!
Our club has not quadrupled in size and I am so fortunate to be able to work with amazing individuals ❤ Here’s half of our team below!! More pictures of our events to come:
November: We are also currently planning some creative new fundraisers which we hope to do in December! So stay tuned!!
October: Due to the campaign: We Scare Hunger, we wanted to increase awareness but also try to get our members to understand what it might feel like for those around the world to experience hunger. Below are some pictures from the simulation and workshop we held! Our wonderful VP Tiffany helped arrange small plates with food that represented what certain countries ate on a daily basis. We then simulated natural disasters or hypothetical situations comparing developing and first world countries. During our discussion, we were very glad to see more members become interested in tackling hunger as well as understanding the purpose of our workshop!
12065923_986998794699405_5811974198302001309_n 11253993_986998391366112_4789811406072396153_n 12194706_774684039343014_5925958512399502265_o 12179553_854175041361724_1680607150_n 12188912_986998871366064_6519907572548637252_n
At the end of October with the help of the whole school and partnering up with Global Issues Club and Student Council, we got students to bring in non perishables for the local food bank during Oct 26-31st which coincides with our Five Days of Fire (spirit week)! Below are the pictures of all the food we packaged and more from our members!
19922_776577529153665_6830939878226004212_n 11183357_776577512487000_5545035198422194491_n
We are so glad to be having more Gr.8’s come out to our club this year! Opportunities like We Day and the exclusive We Day event have led to a lot of pictures! This year I wasn’t able to attend We Day but these pictures below are from our members who were able to go to WE Day 2015 and an exclusive We Day event as well!
12170566_10207890764253144_1257664443_n 12112018_1629154170668550_6254541949447821005_n 12112434_1629154230668544_1940364936952106180_n 12178323_10207890764413148_115012524_n
 We are so proud of these members and we hope that they have taken a lot from these experiences to be inspired to initiate their own change!
Other members were busy helping us with poster making:
IMG_0311 IMG_0309 IMG_0305
UPDATE: We are extremely proud to receive impact of the work we have done!

After speaking with our Youth Coordinator; Biana, we learned that El Trapiche in Nicaragua actually didn’t have a school before Free The Children partnered with the community. One of the elders in the community had been providing a space on her home porch for classes to be conducted. Eventually, another community member donated space inside their home for classes. There were 14 students between grades one to six being taught by one teacher in a community member’s house.Now with the new school room in El Trapiche, students have access to bright, clean classrooms and even around 40 kids have access to high school once a week on Saturdays. This is a huge improvement!

We are so proud! Below are the pictures of the new school that FTC was able to build with the help of our donations and many other volunteers!

DSC_0001new school El Trapiche

July:We had a bake sale at our local market with many goodies! We raised over 700$ with our We Bake for Change to support education in Nicaragua! Pictures below:)

I am incredibly thankful for all the volunteers who came out on a Saturday in the summer time to help out! Many worked behind the scenes as well with baking a variety of sweets!

11720685_1050085145004603_1794902935_n 11741691_1050085151671269_1111198214_n 11739467_1050085168337934_1238671858_n 11749310_1050085138337937_1118179546_n 11719866_1050085161671268_720856553_n 11737056_1050085115004606_120554640_n

June: We closed off this year with a Potluck Volunteer Appreciation! We also sent a 850$ cheque to our FTC Youth Coordinator : Bianca Gonzales! This summer I’ll be heading off to Nicaragua to help build the school, I’ve been fundraising for the past two years! I can’t wait:)

Over 20-30 volunteers and members came out to the waterpark for a fun day filled with treats and prizes! Some pictures are below, taken by our wonderful photographer: Aniella!11148609_717532931724792_8586229431704427308_nftc partay11168459_994632867263357_4393996218995865153_n11183465_994633137263330_977828979831180065_n


May: We had a very successful annual Bubble Tea Sale again! We raised over 400$ and we are so extremely proud of all the volunteers who made it possible! From making the bubble tea and executing the sales took a lot of work, but we’re glad it paid off!

10610518_1020959187917199_4742472577306862119_n 11150801_697859477025471_6289653990330712609_n 11218478_1020959231250528_9159935211224930323_n

 April: We are Silent! We finished up our contest and awarded the winners with gift cards to the local mall, thanks for sponsoring us Guildford Town Center!
 18488_1006970052649446_4084598085399898419_n 11100773_1006970279316090_5401273015728382266_n 10384696_1006970299316088_5994979423134600670_n
Many of the students participated in the We are Silent Campaign, we were so glad that many students had the experience of what it meant to not have a voice! Great job<3<3<3
March: We have launched our annual We are Silent Contest! Students will be encouraged to submit a creative piece: artwork, video, or writing on the topic of lack of speaking rights around the world and the voices lost in our community to abuse/bullying. Grand prizes will be awarded! And the deadline will be April 12th, with all the winners getting featured before April 17th, the We are Silent Day!
February the 13th! We held our annual We are Love event in the school cafeteria! Our We are Love campaign brought many to hashtag#wearelove to bring awareness for our fundraising for education in Nicaragua. Way to go Firehawks!
We sold pins and polariods as well:)
10997188_971669009512884_1378353225_n 10979447_971668912846227_1661034083_n
11004845_971668742846244_1811385982_n 11004938_971668722846246_1617808920_n 11004858_971668672846251_139648638_n
11007423_1009394362422441_837010710_n 11008976_1009394345755776_549824355_n 11004430_1009394355755775_543379938_n 11006103_1009394349089109_840444532_n 11012259_1009394375755773_1161496899_n 11006198_1009394359089108_492474501_n
There’s me holding pins that just arrived ! And then the next few pictures with students taking polaroids or just regular photos:) We raised a lot through selling pins and polaroids!
Christmas break; During the Christmas break, our club went out and about into the community to spread some love! We went carolling at Kinsmen Lodge and sang some hymns as well as contemporary songs
Here’s a picture of our performers!Thanks for coming out everybody! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Dec 18th; Our last 2014 meeting was a party for all our hard working members, and we watched Elf, reflected on our successes and failures! 10357530_605338822944204_8005197965742193997_n
Here is a picture of some of the members grabbing some food!Our We Bake for Change was extremely successful! Rocky Mountain and Starbucks greatly sponsored us by donating chocolate and coffee for us to sell at our bake sale!
We were able to raise around 300$!

Hey guys so we had some wonderful people who helped bake for our tomorrow’s bake sale( Dec.4th) pictures below

!10814091_927667057246413_1995397859_n 10836293_342711082587498_365988595_n 10815963_927667077246411_1243398127_n 10822620_342711079254165_1327924890_n 10818531_927667050579747_1631550011_n

November: We’re also waiting for our FTC crewnecks to arrive before Christmas break! I’ll post a pic of our group wearing them once we’ve got them! And also more pics to come for our Dec.4th bake sale<3


This is our group making hand made Christmas cards to sell at the Coffee House Event!10348998_917770944902691_7743953368043052660_nWe were able to make a lot!

We just had Coffee House on November 26th and it’s an event where we partnered up with the school’s Global Issues Club. It’s a night of music, delicious food, and friends!

10425365_923663234313462_859103027458414265_n 10406474_923663250980127_132564599582799483_n 15902_923663177646801_7646756353746927192_n 1526474_923663204313465_3166001871914988874_n

This was the set up for our Coffee House Event! Global Issues put together the music part of the event, and Free the Children did a Polariod Christmas Booth, sold hand made Christmas cards, and sold clay cell phone charms that one of our talented members made!1513749_1502194746733303_8742187885222645376_nThese are the cute charms that our friend made from clay and painted them! They have raised a lot of profit!


1510752_570781149733305_3647595207641373028_n 1459293_570781136399973_8386800315263672392_n 1510837_573163749495045_8281699100199807469_n 10644915_573163726161714_5043503774436292793_n

We packaged boxes with Global Issues to put in each classroom during Halloween for a food drive that we hold for our local food bank. This is a part of the We Scare Hunger/Halloween 4 Hunger that is a Free the Children initiative. Many Canadians go hungry every year, and we were able to donate many boxes of food this year!

WE DAY 2014: Our experience was amazing! Going as a honored guest, I am completely honored, thank you!

10728966_908269815852804_289288498_n 10735984_908269845852801_980925716_n

Below is the new poster we were able to hang up in front of our cafeteria! I’m really glad that people have seen it and commenting great comments about it!



Last year is below: ( First year of starting my own club) 2013-2014

May-June: We successfully had two bubble tea sales which raised a whooping 375$! The exec team took 3 hours of their time to brew the tea and pearls and stir up all the delicious bubble tea the night before, and boy was it a lot of work! We decided that we are going to do this annually at our school because who doesn’t love their bubble tea! Due to our half prices compared to other business competitors  we were also able to snag even more customers! As the end of the school closed in, our club had a closing party to thank all our dedicated volunteers! As a total we donated around 700$ to education in Nicaragua and 130$ earlier in the year to help Typhoon Haiyan! We can’t wait for the new school year to reveal our new plans!

April: Our school was able to participate in the We are Silent campaign! This campaign recognizes those around the world who do not have the freedom of voice and those in our communities who have lost their voice through bullying or violence. Around 7 members participated in this campaign with even more through the whole school! We’re so glad that we’re able to bring awareness to how hard it is to not be able to use your voice or use social media.

February: So our We are Love campaign has wrapped up and we were able to raise a lot of money!! We are sending $200 to Free the Children and this money will be helping in education in Nicaragua. I am so excited as not only has everything gone great but the months of March and April will be busy ones!  I can’t wait to keep you updated as the weeks start to unravel, until then, keep doing small things that can still change the world!
This month, our club is doing the We are Love campaign, where we will be selling pins to bring awareness to the adopt a village program. Our club decided to support the country of Nicargua and we will be building a well to help with the water sanitation there. As a part of this campaign, I decided to make some candy grams and sell them as well to help raise some more money for this project as well. In order to bring awareness, we are making cranes and getting students to write their names down. We will be hanging these cranes in a mural to show our loving united school! We also decided to make Japanese wishing plaques so that it was a symbolism thing for both couples and friends to signify their bond. We will also be hanging those up.
And we also decided to write nice post it notes and put them on lockers around the school on the morning of Valentines:) This way everyone will feel the love!

Hopefully we can come up with a game that everyone can play and win prizes to understand the meaning of this campaign and see why we are raising money for it<3

So this month Free the Children has a lot of cool things to share! Our school will be selling pins in order to help our country Nicargua with the Pillar of Education!

Sadly the picture is sideways but those were the pins that arrived on my doorstep! I am so excited to kick start this fundraiser. So far I have sold four out of one hundred, there are still long ways to go!

Here are some pictures of my club at school and the current things we do!

This is some of our members at a bake sale.
The proceeds of the bake sale went towards the Philippine Typhoon crisis that happened at the end of 2013.
This is our club poster at club day!
This is the We are Change campaign with the coin drive that will be building schools. For more info check out One brick for the school is 20$ and if we get 500 bricks then we are able  to build a school in our selected country Nicargua.
During Christmas of 2013, our members went caroling at the elder center where I volunteer. We spread some holiday cheer and brightened a lot of people’s days!
This was our club at the beginning of the year in September, our club now has twice the amount of members!Yay!:)

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