GI Red Cross Symposium 2013

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I was really lucky to catch this symposium as it was the last symposium the Red Cross would ever be holding again.

After attending during the Remembrance long weekend, we were simulated into real life situations. I literally felt what it was like to be a refugee and to have HIV/AIDS. Many of these emotions of fear and dread really stick with me. It was also so amazing to meet 80 other incredible youth who were so passionate about making a change in this world. The level of debate and discussion about current events made me never want to leave.

Throw in some pretty fun social events, activities, and funny Resource Leaders, the weekend was a blast to learn and to have fun while doing so.

I would recommend it to anyone, but the thing that made it so sad at the end was that it was the last one:( But if you’re interested in volunteering with the Red Cross or making a donation check it out here:


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