GIN: No Time to Waste May2014

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A weekend in Squamish with the beautiful mountains!

This conference was targeted on helping the environment. We learned how to make an impact when a woman who banned plastic bags in her city came to talk to us. She told us that anything is possible if we put enough work into it. As well the topic of waste and food was brought up, which really shocked me! We waste about 40% food as a whole world. In reality we produce enough food for all the people in the world yet there’s not not enough because we throw away food that doesn’t look good or is bruised. ( We all can take blame for that).

Someone also came to talk to us about clothes. Our society is revolved around the issue of consumerism. If we focused on buying higher quality clothes that would last longer we would waste less and save more money in the long run…..

The GIN conference stands for Global Issues Network conference, on how you can attend this free conference find more info here:

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