30,000 children die a day from poverty related causes.

Those words really struck me. After participating in We Day and Free the Children Youth Workshops, the business card a FTC coordinator gave me was still in good condition after 3 years, and after cleaning out my desk… it was like fate was calling on me to take initiative.

And that was how I started founding the Free the Children Club at my school, emailing countless people, writing membership application forms and exec forms from scratch, setting up meetings with the principal and secretary to set up a bank account and make our club actually start. So many things were done throughout the summer, that when school started, it seemed like that I had been doing what I had been doing for so many years. The first time holding my first fundraiser, I learned a lot from what I did right and what I did wrong. I think I learned to better manage volunteers and how to make sure volunteers actually showed up to help out and things like that. As we did more fundraisers, I’m glad we built credibility in our school, and by the end of the year at least most of the students knew about the Free the Children Club. Also our profit slowly inched it’s way upward with each fundraiser we did!

We did so many things this past year and I would have never been able to accomplish my dream of helping others without the help of others! Haha how ironic. But you definitely need to trust others to be able to get the job done. Give them the opportunity to lead, and stand out and shine. Even though you are the president, you’re the leader but you’re also the mentor. The person who helps other grow and find their own potential.

This year, I’ll be leading my club again, and hopefully even the year after this. But I have a lot of big plans already for awareness events and fundraisers. I wish you guys success! I learned that people don’t need luck! Anyways for more info about my fundraisers or how to start your own club, look under Free the Children on my home page!

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