Sales/Marketing Co-Directors

I had various opportunities to market with various organizations. First and foremost through my Shad Project which won the Shad Cup for best website, you can check out our initiative here:

I worked under Marketing, to promote our company (Forward Commute). I specifically worked under channeling and doing research to write out a plan on how to effectively bring our product to the market as well as the plan for targeting which groups. I learned a lot of business strategies and how different plans were targeted for different geographical areas, business types, etc. I learned that you definitely need to research and plan ahead. For whatever sector of marketing you’re doing, you need to do the research. Understand who you’re targeting, and why. Really get a feel for the purpose of your organization and what you’re trying to sell or get people in on.

Then I got to be a Marketing Director for Global Green Alliance’s International Sustainability Conference. The thing that I learned here was to be prepared. Be prepared to talk to people about what you ( comes from researching). I also learned how hard it was to get out of my comfort zone and be able to cope with rejection from people. (This kind of rejection I have still not gotten over after various fundraisers.)

Lastly, I just received a position of Chief Marketing Office for my local hospital’s youth organization. I will be writing about my experiences and lessons learned in the coming months as we have just started out (March 2015). Stay updated!

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