Student Council Gr. Rep – President

This page is about all the activities that our Student Council holds! Feel free to use some of these ideas for events at your school!

NEW YEAR 2015-2016:

March: This month is a busy month! With our Spring Fling Dance: At the Night Show on March 10th and Talent Show Auditions March 7/8th it’s going to be hectic! Some of our exec members went on to create an ad for the dance on the TV screens at our school, you can watch it here: At the Nightshow

Also for the Talent Show I made a poster using which is a great platform with a lot of free templates that make gorgeous posters!

Talent Show

February 2016: We held our Pink Shirt event in the cafeteria:) Since I was away, I don’t happen to have any pictures! What we did this year was have small people cutouts all holding hands and students would come up and write down on one person what they would do tackle/bring awareness to bullying. We also had balloons with the negative impacts of bullying written on them and had students pop the balloons (with pencils)!

January 2016: —

December: We are selling Senior Formal dance tickets for the dance which is Dec 9th and Candy Grams! More pictures up soon!

November: Results of exec team rolled out: This year I had the honor of receiving the role of President with my friend Kiara! We hope to work hard to bring wonderful events and an unforgettable last year!


Five Days of Fire again! This week was so hectic, full of games in the caf and tournaments in the gym. Thursday we had the pep rally where all the grades came in during separate blocks!

Lots of clean up duty and many different games were involved like:

Hewey Dewey Lewey, Rock Paper Scissors Dinosaur Game (involving everyone participating), Pool Noodle Piggy Back competition, and tug of war.



This year we started off with Welcome Back week!!!! I got to lead Tired Thursday with my friend Astrid and some pictures are down below with the games in the caf we did!

The other days included Tropical Tuesday, Workout Wednesday, and Flashback Friday (50,60,70,80,90’s)



March 2015: We just had talent show auditions this week! Our talent show will be on April 15th! Can’t wait to update you all:)

February 2015: Roses! Yearly tradition where SC sells beautiful roses for lovers and friends!

Dec 2014: So this was the Senior Formal dance, and the theme was Frozen! We had catered food, great music, and beautiful Christmas props! I wasn’t allow my phone in the dance so I couldn’t take any pictures, this was the only pic I took outside after the dance;P We also sold candy grams that we hand deliver to classes!


October 2014: FIVE DAYS OF FIRE



So basically our whole school gets divided into four different colours: Gold, Blue, Red, and Green. Then through out the week, Student Council puts out games in the front of the caf where students can win points for their team. This is during the week of Halloween as well, so we do a food drive with Free the Children and Global Issues club where donated food items can be counted for points as well. Then on Wednesday there is a pep rally where there are some bigger games in the gym where each grade’s different colours will compete with one another. There are games like stacking the highest cardboard box tower, dance offs, relay races, and points are obviously awarded for members wearing their spirit colour! Then on the last day, Friday it’s a Halloween Fashion Show!!

Beginning of school: WELCOME BACK WEEK!

Mauii Monday: Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 1.49.05 PM

Texas Tuesday:Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 1.47.39 PM


Workout Wednesday: Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 1.50.19 PM

Tired Thursday: This day the Grads decided to wear pajamas but haha I did not know about their secret.

Freaky Friday: As well a Grad Prank with Gr.12’s dressed up as zombies while the whole school though it was Flashback Friday ( going back to the 50’s,60’s,-80’s)

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