Vice President

This year, I had the wonderful opportunity to be the Vice President of the Interact Club at my school which is a branch of Rotary International. I have been apart of this club for around 4 years now! Watching it grow and being a part of it has been phenomenal!

For me, I was first a volunteer, then a member, then the treasurer, and then I got to the position of VP. Like many, I had to climb up the ladder and prove myself that I was worthy of the position. Since the club at my school has been established for many years now, I do not have a lot to do other than taking care of some small tasks.

I’ll be completely honest, I feel as I move up the ranks of positions for various endeavors once an organization has been established for a long time already, then there isn’t really much to do. Most of the jobs are done by positions under VP which is the sad truth like that of many of positions in the real corporate world.

But if you’re reading this and you’re starting out as a VP or wanting to be a VP, just know that even though you are one rank down from President. Your role is still very important. You should know all the jobs of what the President does and how to be able to do them. You are next in line, so when suddenly the President is absent, you need to know how to take the reigns! Also people look up to you as well, you are often the second person people go to or the first if people have concerns. So make sure you make the right decisions and think about them before plunging in!

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