Youth Advisor/ National Board Member

In August 2015, a mentor of mine introduced me to the YWCA Youth Council Committee application!

After working on my application and a phone interview, I was again given a wonderful opportunity to join the team. So it has not yet been a year but even though the time has been brief, I have learned a lot during my time on the committee and then being appointed to represent BC on the National Board for YWCA and Plan’s joint initiative called the Strong Girls, Strong World campaign.

To find out more visit: Strong Girls, Strong World on the Plan Canada website or through the YWCA blog: YWCA Blog.

Right now working with the other members and staff at YWCA Metro Vancouver, we are focusing on the objectification of women and hypermasculinity in the context of our society and media.

We are also currently working on our flagship conference for November 2016!

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