Encounters With Canada Medicine and Health Sept. 22-28 2013

Hi everyone! I want to document a journey that I went on about a month ago! It’s been such a loooong time but it was an incredible experience! Never in my life have I ever been that relaxed. Meeting such amazing people and visiting our capital city, Ottawa was a life changing experience. Encounters with Canada is a government funded program where hundreds of youth come to Ottawa for a week of their choice regarding a field they are interested in doing when they grow up. There are workshops, a career panel, museum visits, and cultural activities that focus on your topic and also the history on my country: Canada<3 I think the most important thing was meeting the people. I met people all the way from Newfoundland, Manitoba, Prince Edward Island, Alberta, and so many other provinces. I learned so much about different provinces and how life is like in those provinces. So I made a group of friends from Newfoundland and never had I known that they kind of have a Texas accent. But instead of saying y’all , they say ye all. Haha it was hilarious, i’m da buys that builds the boat, i’m da  buys that sails her, i’m da buys that catches the fish, and brings it back to laizer. Something like that, which I learned from my lovely newfies<3. Then PEI was amazing because I never know that it was that beautiful and how everyone knew everyone because it was so small there. Then there was Winnipeg, where the people from there are the most laid back people and so caring. They’re so bright and happy! Encounters was an amazing experience, and I suggest that anyone who is between the age of 14-17.  Anyways a break down of my week

Sunday:arriving, meeting so many new people and playing charades with other BC’s

Monday: workshops, meeting different people from other provinces, Ottawa tour and playing bowling!!

Tuesday: CSI workshop, (other people has neuroscience, cancer tours, and nature walks,) and african dance presentation

Wednesday: Going to the Parliament buildings and tour,Career panel and Remembrance ceremony; really taught me how many sacrifices Canadians have made to earn peace in our country, that we take for granted :”(

Thursday: Museum of Civilization, learned more about Confederation and night time activites ( haunted walk of ottawa, a play, musician, ect)

Friday : shopping downtown in Rideau Centre, eating beaver tails, mhmm, buying souvernies, then closing ceremonies, special dinner, talking stick ceremony, my friends and I bawling our eyes out, getting our dresses on, dancing fom 12-3 am ( so tiring) especially as the BC kids had their plane to catch at 4am. Leave for airport at 4 and everyone’s hugging and crying;”””””””””””””'( then getting to the airport, plane arrives at 6:30. on plane at 7 and then yeah ………… back to life and a load of missed homework and tests……….




2 responses to “Encounters With Canada Medicine and Health Sept. 22-28 2013”

  1. Yasmin Khalili Avatar

    AWH CECILIA!! This is beautiful written, like all of your work here! I came on your blog from your facebook link and the first thing I thought was to check to see if you had written anything from EWC from 2013… and I have seen that you did! It made me so happy to read this, I can’t believe its been two and a half years!

    1. ceciliapang8 Avatar

      Hey Yasmin!!! I miss you 🙂 How are you doing? EWC is a great experience, I had to write about it!

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