Born or made to lead?

I think that anything is possible. Anyone can be a leader, which is my philosophical view on leadership. This means that there are people who are naturally great leaders that are born to be a leader. However there are many leaders that are made into a leader. The focus is on the word “made.” If the person is forced to change by pressure outside resulting in them becoming a leader, then that isn’t really a leader. However if a person is made a leader by experience, learning from their mistakes, and having the initiative to take charge when no one else does then they can also be a leader. I feel many experiences in our lives will really open our eyes and change the way we think, we believe, and the way we act. When these things change, then this is when we ourselves really change. Once we change as a person, then we act differently resulting with new attributes, additional attributes, or a deduction of attributes. Through this process, I think it is quite possible that a person can be made into a leader. To be honest personally myself, I was bullied for a loooong time about my physical appearance by my best friend and a group of guys. This really dragged me down, and even today I have trouble with my self image and have a really low confidence. However this experience of bullying brought me to realize that I need to get past this issue and it really opened my eyes to build confidence. I started to get involved a lot, communicate with others a lot and be more used to talking to people trying not to think how they felt about me. I joined over fourteen clubs and even to this day I am extremely involved. I was able to start public speaking again not so afraid if others thought if I was ugly or fat. Even though sometimes I am reminded of this, through the process of so much effort. I have finally been able to been brave enough to start my own club: Free the Children. In a way, I am a leader to some, either through this club or through being a role model for my little sister. I believe that I was not ” born” a leader, however my life’s experiences have taught me to take actions and change some of my actions. This is what helped change my life in being someone with no faith into someone who may be able to inspire others and being a leader.

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