You never know when a teacher’s influences stop

This post is about teachers. Good teachers, bad teachers, or teachers who have changed your life.  All you have had a teacher. A teacher is someone who teaches. You don’t have to go to school or even to work to have a teacher. Your parents can be your teachers, your friends can too, and even yourself. Today I will be talking about three different types of teachers that have impacted my life.


“You opened my eyes and you made me believe.” In Grade 5, I was beginning to have a fresh start. My best friend has just left and my outside days were over. I wouldn’t be playing soccer with the neighbourhood boys, running around the green fields playing badminton, racing my friends on bikes, and getting bruises from rollerblading. I would start to sit down and actually pay attention to my academics and think about my future, as most likely I would not be a world class athlete. I was never a straight A student and I really did not care too much about my education. However that year when I walked into the classroom, I never knew my life would change, it was the turning point and from then on, I would never be the same.


I had two teachers that year, Ms. Brandy Garden for three days, and Ms. Sim for the other two days. Both teachers were amazingly unique. Ms. Garden was the first teacher who really cared about me, and pushed me towards my goals and successes. She made me feel great about myself, when especially during that time, I felt insecure. She always gave me encouragement and complimented me. She didn’t favour anyone, not even me. She treated everyone equally and was always there for us when we needed help. She had a warm smile and just recently dyed her brown hair into a golden colour. I can still never picture her without blonde hair now. She was really tall and slim. If I met her now, the only difference would be, that she would be five years older. Ms. Garden mostly changed my perspective on education’s importance and how certain people can really change your life. Ms. Sim on the other hand was really strict, but very funny too. She had short reddish brown hair and was short but sturdy. She was a nurse before and she even helped Terry Fox when he found out he had lung cancer. She taught us the fascinations of science, and that’s what got me hooked. She taught us so much more then the Grade 5 science curriculum. I learned about all the body systems, except the reproduction system that is. It was amazing, even to this day, I can still remember the facts I learned in Gr.5, that some of my friends don’t even know. Both of these teachers have really affected my life for the better. And unfortunately, after that year, I had to move to a different school. I never got to say goodbye and thank them for all their mentoring and affection. Perhaps that is one my regrets. Even through Gr.6 -7 I did not recognize what they had really done, it was only till Gr.9 that I began to see  a difference in myself that I could not have done by myself.


Those two teachers really taught me to work hard and chase my dreams. In Gr.9 I worked so hard, and my work did pay off, (mentioned in previous posts,) I won so many awards that year, including the Firehawk Award, ( biggest award.) That award would have never been won if I had never met my Gr.5 teachers.

If you’re out there, thank you so much for changing my life Ms. Garden and Ms. Sim. You will always be remembered!




Okay so moving on the second type of teachers in my life are my life teachers. My parents.


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