Things happen for a Reason

Sometimes we don’t understand why things happen. Sometimes we cannot rationalize why things happen no matter what. Good people get sick, and there are bad people who are extremely successful. Things happen for reasons we don’t know, things just happen. However I choose to believe that things do happen for a reason and things like trials really make me into a much stronger and better person.

Our tears are blessings and sometimes sleepless nights help us realize what we’ve been missing out in life for so long. Our shortcomings are what other people consider good. For instance, I’m really tall, too tall for my age and I don’t think it’s a good thing, however many other people would love to be tall. Or take for instance my thick hair or big feet, even though I may think they’re bad, other people are dying to have them, ( for what reason I don’t know.) Anyways going back to the point… everything has it’s good and bad.


When I was bullied and even after I was bullied, I pitied myself and always looked at the negative things that happened to me because I was bullied. But now after I have finally healed, (time heals all wounds,) I look back and see that being bullied wasn’t ‘all that’ bad. I mean it did damage me and hurt me a lot.. Even though I still have really low confidence today, I’m still climbing, that’s the point that counts. I realized that if it wasn’t for the bullies, I wouldn’t have put myself through public speaking, Model UN club, speech club, debate club, and fourteen other clubs to meet other people, and get used to myself again. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t have won awards because it was through this process of healing that I learned and gained some of the most important things in life. I was hurt but I chose to be sad. I can look at bad things in a beautiful light and move on.


Being bullied isn’t the worst thing in the world compared to what other people go through. Sure I’ve gone through worse like almost dying three times, having painful oral surgery when I was ten, losing relatives and friends from cancer. Of course my pain is a teeny dot compared to people who actually experience much more painful things like overcoming drug addiction, drugs, abuse, losing someone they love, or experiencing bad illnesses. My heart goes out towards all of you. But sometimes in order to keep living and to keep loving and to keep being you. You really need to focus on all the blessings you have. Through the most difficult times, just think that there might be times even much more worst than that, and for that you need to be grateful.


It’s hard. But pain is what life is all about. Even though sadly it is. We can get through it, if other’s are just as capable then we will be able to do so as well. So just remember how bad life can get, write yourself a list of your blessings. I know it’s hard but there is always at least one blessing, yourself<3

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