Reasons to Live

So my friend Miranda and a friend of hers has started a project called, Make BC Smile. She asked me to write a blog about my fifteen reasons to live and I will also be editing throughout the year as I come up with more!

So without further adieu. here they are: ( they are not completed yet, but I will be adding new ones and correcting old ones, as time goes on..) Busy studying for finals;( sorry


1) Life is amazingly beautiful: the scents, the sights, the wonders of this earth

2) People are complex: the people around me and the people I don’t know, they can give many different types of feelings and emotions.

3)Making people smile and feel that they are loved. Just helping others and giving back things like my skills, talents, or time.

4) Meeting so many incredible people through life’s experiences!

5) The little things in life that we take for granted, like the little smile a woman gives you at a store that brightens your day, or a little post it that encourages you to keep trying.

6) Food. I hate to admit but there are so many different types of food in the world that in our lifetime we won’t experience but a little taste of something can take you to where it’s made, and into your own fantasy.

7) The experiences that I have gotten myself into, have led me to learn and explore so much about the world around me.


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