The Olympics

As the olympics have started today, I decided to write an olympics post. I can’t believe it’s been four years already since the last olympics which were held in my town. Amazing how fast time can spin you around. In another two years of time or the summer olympics, I will be graduating and starting a new path at university. This post is going to be about the athletes at the games because honestly what are the olympics without the athletes. So this year isn’t really different for many athletes unless that is they are from Russia, then they’ve got extra support. We often watch athletes and have a really high standard. “Come on, you missed this, or how could you have messed up?” We will often mutter or shout when our favourite athletes make a mistake, or mess up. But we don’t have even the slightest clue, the tantamount of pressure that is suffocating their lungs, and not to mention they’re short of breath already. I am fascinated by athletes of any kind. To be able to put that much dedication into something is incredible. The amount of physical power, drive, and charisma is heart wrenching, but it all comes down to the mental power. All athletes competing are amazing, but who’s going to win? The one with  the control, the mind power and ability to push on. At the end of the day, it’s the mind that does the wonders. When you’re about to give up, it’s not that chocolate bar that keeps you going, but yourself, your expanse of imagination and passion. Athletes are just like normal people, you and me. So when you’re doing that lunge or sit up and you’re legs are aching, your arms are burning, and your lungs are on fire… athletes feel the same way. Just because they’re athletes doesn’t mean that they don’t have to push themselves. They still need to push themselves, and we can see how hard it is ourselves when we’re working out or doing things. Not to say all the pressure as well. The cameras, social media, spectators, judges, presidents, people at home, television, everyone  is following your every  move. And make a wrong move… and well not only have you wasted all your time, effort, money, and energy, but everyone will see it. That’s how it is.. Then there’s the amount of time and effort. Perhaps there’s not many people who train harder than athletes. They need to keep their body in perfect condition by controlling their weight, their diet, their everything. The practice that comes with it, is also time consuming. The sweat, tears, and blood, are often obstacles that are difficult overcome. And athletes can’t win by practicing. In athletics, sadly, practice does not make perfect. Perhaps athletics is one of the hardest things. There are so many factors that affect sports, either for individual/ team sports. There is luck that goes into it. For instance, environmental factors can affect the game, and who you are competing against as well.


It is by no doubt that athletes have one of the hardest jobs to do in the world. But even after knowing all this, we should perhaps cheer on all athletes and still cheer them on, even if they mess up. As afterall, who doesn’ mess up? Everyone makes mistakes!


Happy Winter Olympics!


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