Life isn’t a matter of milestones but moments,” – Rose Kennedy

What does life mean to me? This is perhaps one of the most difficult questions I ask myself.  But when I learn to reflect on my own life and how it has shaped me into the person I am today, I begin to see that my life isn’t all successful, but full of a variety of different moments. Success isn’t what defines me, but perhaps my life is defined but many moments, not just milestones.


Moments pass and go, but some will always be stained in one’s memory. There are the good and the bad, but when one begins to look at the fall backs or failures in life. The blurriness focuses, and the failures aren’t so bad. It’s those moments, that I wanted to give up. Those days when I wanted to throw away all that I had worked for, because in that moment in time, I thought, why does it matter? When times like those pass, and I get back on my feet again, I learn to move past the pain. To move away from the past and focus on my future. The past cannot be changed but my actions that come after are controlled by me. Those moments have taught me lessons that cannot be taught by anyone else but only by myself. Anyone can help me stand up again, but at the end of the day, I’m the one who’s going to be fighting the battle. I, myself, need to learn a lesson. A lesson that cements these scars and moments onto my nose. Sometime’s I will forget and look past it, even though it’s right under my eyes. But, we are always learning. We are always having moments. We need to learn to embrace the obstacles, and breathe it in, let it go. As when we take a look back into the past, we hope to believe that those moments really shaped me who I am, it wasn’t just my successes. As my successes were a result of those moments, the failures, and the hardships. It isn’t just about climb and the failures, but also the good moments.


When one compares milestones to moments, there is a slight difference. Moments can be both amazing, or extremely terrible. But milestones are a big step. A leap from something, to somewhere. And it’s true, as humans we aren’t always making leaps. We could be just living in the moment, and enjoying ourselves. Taking in the love, and letting it go. Enjoying the time with our friends, and making new connections. My moments with families, and friends are the ones that I want to take with me, when I am ready to leave. I don’t want to take away the milestones, because moments are not milestones. It can be one thing to achieve my goal of impacting someone’s life for the better, but it can be a totally different thing when I am actually living in that moment, and actually experiencing the labour many children go through on the opposite end of the world. Those moments where I am with the people I love who appreciate and recognize me as me instead of the people who recognize my achievements without really knowing why I’ve done what I’ve done, is the most important to me. As at the end of the day, without my milestone’s I could probably still live on just with less things to look forward too, but without my moment’s, then what is the point of my milestones?


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