Reading my own blog

Some days when I can’t write. Like whatever I write turns into mush, I read some of my most viewed blogs and I finally understand. I understand the post I wrote a few months ago so much more then when I was writing it. My own blogs give me inspiration and perhaps I realized that I’m not writing for others, but for myself. It’s my hobby, and a blog is a great way to keep track. A blog is a great way to document my process and force myself to write each day, ( I haven’t been doing that recently, sorry, time to get back on track.) When I’m down, and I read my own blog, I feel a lot more content and relieved. I get a burst of reassurance and inspiration. I hope that my blog does that for you, because all I really want to do, is to make someone’s day better. If I have, message me through my tumblr or just comment. As your comments would really motivate me to keep writing each and every day!

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