How to get better at…….WRITING



1. Read! Reading will not only broaden your horizons but you get exposed to so many different colours of the infinite kaleidoscope of literature in our universe.

2. Practice! Even though practice may not bring results right away, it is better than not practicing at all. Keep a blog! By keeping a blog and making a goal of doing a post each day, will help push you to sharpen your writing juices each day.

3. Relax! An important part of writing is to be mentally focused. You don’t necessarily have to be peaceful when you write, because there are plenty of times that I write when I’m shaking with anger, or wringing out with tears. But it’s good to focus all your attention when writing as it’s hard to write something good with lacking attention.

4. Inspiration; often writing comes hand in hand with writer’s block. Sometimes in order to get the juices flowing, certain people have different methods to make it dissipate. By taking a hot shower, drinking a smoothie, taking your mind off of what you were writing, go for a lap or two, or jog around the neighbourhood will bring you back to yourself in no time. A kick of endorphins always helps!

5. Peer editing; get someone to read your writing and give you feedback. Obviously everyone likes different styles and write different styles, but it’s good to get constructive criticism to get better.

6. Enjoy it! If you’re forcing yourself to write, sometimes it may be hard to write. It’s good to force yourself to write if you are meeting a goal. But if you don’t like writing, maybe try figuring out why you don’t like it. To really excel at something, you need to love it. You’re passion is what get’s you to success at the end of the day. If you don’t like something, it’s really hard to push yourself that your mind and heart just won’t do.

7. Attend writing conferences, writing circles, or clubs at your school that involve writing. Getting that extra practice is always good. It doesn’t always cost money. Usually your local library will have free writing programs or literacy circles. You can even get together your own writing circle and meet up somewhere, ( coffee shop, library, your home, even Ikea!)

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