The Great Gatsby- F.Scott Fitzgerald

I have many favourite books, but every book I like is a bit different in some ways. Just like how I have different friends; some friends I hang out with, some friends I study with, and some friends I just talk to about my problems with.


The Great Gatsby wasn’t a book that kept me flipping pages through the night, it was more of a smooth read without tons of action or adventure really. So why did I like it? After reading some books from the past like Pride and Prejudice, and Jane Eyre for instance. I fell in love with the author’s style of writing. It isn’t something that I typically see anymore. Mr. Fitzgerald’s writing is spectacular. You think to yourself, did he just do that, yep he definitely did! Sometimes his words don’t make sense at first, but when you finally get the meaning from that unique pattern of his, you’ve become mind blown.


What I liked best about the book is the way it being told. The story is told through Nick Carraway, who in my opinion is a great raconteur. Having the story told by a person that takes a step back on things, is a breath  of fresh air and something quite different.

Some other things I liked was the symbolism. The focused importance on the eyes brings to reality the many themes of the book and themes that occur in modern life today. Fitzgerald’s use of symbolism, is what truly makes the book interesting.


Obviously, the book has so much more to offer. But I suggest you read it for yourself before I give too much away. While you’re reading, I will be slowly trying to decipher the book again. So enjoy!

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