Tips to Happiness

1.Enjoy life now

because when are you going to enjoy it? Enjoy life as it is because you never know what’s going to happen tomorrow, make the best of everyday as there will never be that same moment and time again.

2.Mind your own business

it’s true, too often we look into other peoples lives or judge others based on superficial things. What’s it to us? It shouldn’t matter to us at all because it isn’t our business. I admit if I get angry at someone I will pick at their wrong doings & ect but you 2014 is a new year and it’s time to get over talking behind peoples back or getting into business that doesn’t relate to us.

3.Use your mouth carefully

We have TWO ears and ONE mouth  for a reason. (Sorry didn’t mean to scare you there with the caps.) Listen and then talk because once you put it our there, you can’t take it back. Whatever you have said either good or bad will be remembered, maybe not word for word, but people will remember the feelings associated with what you had to say. We can either use our mouths to praise, encourage, or to compliment instead of cursing, gossiping, or bullying others. We have the power to cut out our voices but also raise our voices for all the right reasons. Use your mouth carefully and ask yourself, is what you’re going to say, going to hurt someone or that you might regret it? Or even next time you’re going to gossip about someone, ask yourself, is there somebody talking about  me right now? I hope that helps. I know it’s hard especially with the mouth as even I say things that I’m not supposed to, but you know everything takes time and work. I’m going to keep trying until all that comes out of my mouth is praise and goodness!

4.Live life with appreciation

Appreciate the little things in life because one day they might just disappear. Too often we take thingsfor granted without really appreciating  the people or the actions they do for us. Or we look at things we want but don’t really look at the many things we take for granted that other people around the world absolutely need, (shelter, water, food, love,ect.) Next time you really want something, ask yourself,” Do I really need this, or is it a want?” Appreciation is key. Appreciating things in life makes you happy. And happiness is great, I mean who likes to be angry all the time? Remember when life gives you ten reasons to cry, find one hundred more reasons to smile. Or even when life gives you lemons, make lemonade;D A tip: every time you’re sad or feel down, right a list of what you are grateful for or the things that you appreciate. Trust me by the time you’re done, you will feel so much better!

5.Stop comparing

There is no one like you! Seriously, you ARE unique and NO ONE can change that. Never before is there someone like you and there never will be someone like you. So why do you want to change yourself? You are you and nothing can go past that. Your flaws are someone else’s blessings. Don’t compare yourself with others because everyone has their attributes and their shortcomings. We are all good at our own things and we all have our own talents. Comparing yourself with other’s won’t change anything, maybe the only fact if you’re comparing to improve yourself like running times or academics.

6.Let go of the past

Seriously let it go! The past is the past and no matter how much we regret our mistakes, we can’t change anything now! Seriously, we can’t. And one thing to understand is that without all the mistakes, failures, regrets, we would not be where we are today, we would not be the person we are today. Without all those choices in the past, then you might not be here, you don’t know where you would be!


7.Do yourself a favour and forgive

Forgiving isn’t just for the other person. It’s for yourself, because when you forgive, it’s your own choice to release yourself from all that anger and resentment. You say  it’s time to move on and pave a new start. You truly are doing yourself a favour because holding a grudge does nothing but gnaw at your insides.

8.Love yourself

Love yourself, because then if you don’t, who will? First you need to accept yourself, if you want others to begin accepting you. And going back to #5 you are unique and special and wonderful and you. There are people who love you for a reason. And you yourself are amazing in every single way. And plus it’s good to spread the love, once you’re done loving others, start loving yourself for a change. Haha!

9.Accept that not everyone will like you

It’s true some people just don’t like other people, no matter what they do. You can be the nicest person in the world and there will still be people who hate you. I don’t know why?;( But it’s true. There can be the most succulent piece of watermelon on a sweltering summer day, but some people will still hate that piece of watermelon. Don’t change yourself for others and don’t be a slave to other people’s opinions. As the people who really love you, love you for you! No matter how much you’re going to change for other people, some people will still hate you. It’s a sad fact of life. So it’s time to toss your hair (if you have short hair or none it’s fine, just toss your head,) and walk on with life. It’s time to deal with the fact not everyone will love the fabulous you, and ha that’s their problem to deal with! Remember don’t get caught up with everyone’s opinions, there will always be haters. <-I am working on that, because I care too much on how other’s think of me;(

10.Give out more and receive more

When you give more, you do receive more. Maybe you won’t receive material possessions but so what? “The best and most beautiful things in life cannot be seen or touched, they must be felt with the heart.” -Helen Keller. I volunteer so much and sure I don’t get anything back, but my whole life is changed. That’s the most important thing. Volunteering has taught me how to give compassion and how to receive it. From now on, I will never be the same! If you have talents, share them with the world! If you have money, then donate! If you have skills or time, give them back to the community! Try volunteering this year or trying something new this year. Trust me helping other’s is the best gift I have ever received.

11.Stop worrying

A little stress is fine sometimes. Some even say it’s healthy. But an overload is bad! You need to stop being a worrywart because worrying does nothing, it doesn’t change anything either. You need to take deep breaths, take a jog, relax in the tub with your favourite book, or meet up with friends. Take some time off and really get to enjoy life and just stop worrying. Take a deep breath and carry on;)

12.Teach to learn. Learn to teach. 

Often we learn the best when we teach others. So again share your skills and talents with others, so not only will they learn but you will understand whatever your teaching even better. This year learn to teach as well, because teaching is a lifelong skill. We are always learning from our mistakes, from others, and most importantly from others.



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