That sickening blow to your stomach. The irregular beat of your heart thrashes about. You’re too shocked to even talk or cry. All you feel is a loss of emotions, a deep drop of your heart into the ashes of your stomach acid. Being stabbed in your back by your best friend or even the person that you placed your trust in, can be extremely disappointing. That exact moment of betrayal collapses into a moment you’ll never forget for the rest of your life.


I think that almost everyone at least once in their lifetime will come to the terms of being betrayed. Here’s one thing, you’re either the one being betrayed, or the one that’s doing the betraying.


For me, I think that even though I forgave my best friend for betraying me, I still understand too well  the pain I went through before the wounds healed.


With betrayal, you can either view it as another reason for you to move on, learn from the past, or to blame yourself.


Through the past year I tend to blame myself and really question everything that I might have done wrong… But now what I do is look at things from both perspectives and really put  myself into another person’s shoes. Once this happens you can look at your own mistakes from a different person’s perspective and also look at the other’s mistakes from your perspective. Once you get a better understanding, you may as well calm down and feel your anger boil down a bit. Like the old saying, time does heal all wounds. So even though this may hurt for a week, a month, or even years, eventually you will look back at that experience and say wow! I learned a lot and that was nothing compared to with what I am dealing with now. For different people the pain will last longer or hurt even more, but you  know that is life. Life teaches you to conquer pain and learn to enjoy the things around you that deserve your attention even more which is loving the people who already love you.

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