Chapter One: Understanding ( I Take Flight)

Chapter One: Understanding

Humming to herself, Lisa my best friend twirls around my living room and plops on the couch beside me. Staring intently into my eyes, she watches as I stare directly behind her at the colourful leaves rustling in the wind. Her eyes are an infinite hazel, so deep that one look and you’ll be forever captured by her beauty. Abruptly standing up, she crazily waves her hands in my face trying to snap me out of my train of thought. After a few seconds of trying, she gives up and slowly walks towards the kitchen. As I listen to the soft tinkle of water dripping, I glance outside again. Life is incredibly good to me. Autumn’s here, with her soft zephyrs, golden sunsets, pumpkin spice lattes, and most of all, nudging us to cuddle up with our loved ones. I dangle my feet across my mother’s leather sofa, knowing if she was here, she would probably kill me. Propping myself up on my elbow, I smile at Lisa as she places a latte on the coffee table in front of me.

“Aren’t you happy?” I ask her as I twitch my mouth from all the smiling. She tucks her loose strands of brown hair behind her ears, and sighs heavily.

“Molly, you do not want to get me started on all the stress that has been eating on me this week,” she forces out a laugh. Her shoulders heave inwards and her worn out eyes give away what they have been holding for so long. “My brother’s not going to get any better, you know,” she says quietly as two fat tears roll down her rosy cheeks. She swirls her finger around in the latte, sighing occasionally, oblivious to my silence, and unconsciously licking her fingers. My heart drops to the pits of my stomach, as I watch her cry. I wrap my arms around her quickly, squeezing her so she won’t ever go.

“Don’t cry Lisa, you know I’m always there for you, and I understand how you feel, I’ve been there and done that… my dad…you remember…you can be strong, I know you can,” I wipe her tears with a tissue and rub her back. My eyes focus on

Nodding silently, she stifles a sob,” I know you’re going to be there for me, but….never mind…. thanks Molly.” Her eyes sparkle with thanks and she stands up ready to leave. Picking up her bag, she waves her hand as she opens the front door not once looking back.

“Bye Lisa,” I whisper, as my words become lost carried away with the wind. I close the door hesitantly and lean against the door as I slowly sink to the ground. My eyes are heavy and I start to think back to the day I met Lisa.

It was the first day of grade five and a new girl arrived in my class. She was defintley an exotic creature, wearing things we had never seen before. Her eyes were vibrant that dared you not to look away. And her tingling laugh really drew people in to get her know her better. I felt extremely lucky when the teacher chose me as the special tour guide, showing LIsa around and eventually becoming her friend. I introduced her to all my friends and even John. The threesome actually worked out pretty well, didn’t it?

After picking up my sister, my mom calls saying she won’t be coming home tonight as she has a presentation to do, and after that she will need to go to Lisa’s house. I keep my sister occupied by opening the CTV news. As I listen to the newest updates on the Syrian Crisis, the Senate, and the Philippine Typhoon, I open the fridge and scan the items. Hm, a bit lacking on the resource side. I do what I can, and find some leafy vegetables, a green onion, ginger, cilantro, tomatoes, and eggs. I bring out the wok and start a broth by combining the vegetables with the boiling water. I add in salt, seasoning, then the noodles, then the beat up eggs. This meal has long been perfected by Iris’ master teaching skills. We eat hungrily, the steam rising to our cold faces, and the hot soup scarring our tongues. As I write my homework, I tuck Esther into bed. Closing the blinds, and the lights, I give her a quick peck on the forehead, “Good night, sleep tight!” I tiptoe across the room and close the door to a small crack, so I can keep an eye on her. Walking back to my room, I flick on the lights and start to finish up my homework. All I can say it’s been a tiring day, and before I know it…..



© Cecilia Pang 2014

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