People who work behind the scenes, never asked about or glanced upon. It’s those people, the nobody’s that have the most impact on the world. Their good deeds go around unnoticed, and their actions taken for granted.

It’s the people who are brave enough to do the right thing even when they are scared. Their actions are acknowledged like flower petals, here today, blown away tomorrow.

It’s people who are blended in with the world. Too humble to acknowledge their own actions.

It’s people like you and me. Who do so much to create a change, but our small steps to make the world a better place aren’t known. So whose lives have made a difference? No one you would know. It’s the girl who gave the neglected homeless man change, it’s the father who forgave the reckless driver who killed his daughter, it’s the friend that realized that when his friend was being bullied, he would still be there every step of the way even if that meant being bullied himself.

It’s the woman who bought me the book I wanted when I didn’t have enough change, it’s the old lady who smiled at me from her car when I was having a bad day, and it’s the note I got from my friend saying I had beautiful eyes.

It’s the people I see every single day, the warmth of their heart leaving footprints in mine.

It’s the simplest things that make a difference for me and other’s around me.These ordinary people are what give others like me, a sense of hope.

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