It Will Get Better

Petals with the soft splashes of colours begin to slowly fray


Dread swallows me up as I hear echoes of laughter contagion bouncing

I squeeze  my eyes shut when I have to face the world

Not daring to look at the intimidating faces staring down at me

My eyes open, all I can feel are tears streaming down my cheeks

The staring, the whispering become one

And unite to break my soul, piece by piece


What did I do for others to hate me?

Why am I invisible,and when will others start to listen?

Look past my artificial smile to discover the broken girl inside


Every night when I look out the window

I see the children of light shining through, casting hope on me

I cry myself to sleep, and wonder when I will be strong


The last few pieces of the flower, fray and slowly float to the ground

My world’s breaking apart, and I’m falling to pieces everytime


My words are gone, flown away in a disappearing trace

Faith becomes evanescent

But thats when light shines on me again

Eventually time will heal all wounds, leaving behind scars reminding me forever

When my chains are gone, and I am free

My wings will be mended, emerging to touch the sky

I will not give up on myself

They won’t get the best of me

When life knocks me down

I can chose to get back up and stand up for myself


I am broken, but I have shattered into a stronger person

A person who believes in myself

Even when no one else does

I just want people to know, that whatever life hands me

I’m still going to stand strong, and fight for my dreams


After the storm, the birds will sing,the best has yet to come

And the dying flower will give birth, to a fresh bud


© Cecilia Pang 2014

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