Do people accomplish more when they are allowed to do things in their own way?

Human beings are unique. Each and every one of us that have ever lived is not the same. We learn differently, we speak differently, and we do everything differently. One approach or method is not going to be the best fit for everyone because we are completely different from each other. Often, we know ourselves the best which is why we are able to understand what things we need to do in order to achieve our goals. When people have the freedom to explore topics in their independent way, they are able to learn more, feel more comfortable while doing so, and do things in a new perspective.


When a parent often forces their children to do homework, it sometimes does not encourage the child to do it. In fact, the child will hate doing it even more. When the parent gives the opportunity to the child, the most they can do, is let it go. Let the child find their own path and find their own way of learning how to do things. When one is able to find a way that is suitable to their own needs, they are able to learn more about themselves and what they are capable of when they are trying to accomplish their goals. We know ourselves the best, so there is no one better than formulating a plan to get to our goal, then ourselves. Not only do we learn more when we do things our own way, we feel more comfortable as well.


Feeling comfortable is something that is important on the hierarchy of our needs ranking 2nd or 3rd in the pyramid. We need to feel comfortable in order to reach our fullest potential. And when we do things our own way, it’s much more easier to adapt to because after all, we are the creators.  Being comfortable is able to help keep stress down. And when there are lower levels of stress, we are more capable to look at things in a calmer state and do things better. When we feel comfortable, it brings us one step closer to accomplishments. The ability to feel okay in situations, gives us the mindset that keeps us focused, and also the carefree attitude to enjoy ourselves while we are out there doing what we are striving for. Not only is being comfortable important, but we begin to broaden our perspectives by looking at things differently.


Most of our life, we are controlled by what other’s think, or want us to do. We listen to our parents, our teachers, our friends, our siblings, and the list goes on. Barely, do we the time to pause and reflect on what we would like to do. When we finally do that though, we begin to realize, instead of looking at a set method of doing things, I can create my own way to do things. Since, everyone thinks differently, our own perspective on how to do things can open doors that were never opened before. And the world has changed because people learn to think differently. And that since our ways and ideas are all different, they all benefit different people at different time, and in different areas.


When we take a look at many change makers in the world, we realize that they had their unique and individualistic views. Their extraordinary views and different perspectives were able to bring things into a new light. We are all capable of amazing things, if we just had the freedom to do our things in our own creative ways. Even though, it is not 100% guaranteed that we will all come up with great things, but all we need is a few small idea in order to change the world.

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