“Life is full of setbacks.

Success is determined by how you handle setbacks.”


When everything collapses into that

single point

The point from your last mark

saying: this is the best I  could do

the hardest I’ve worked

Yet, when life swings round

You’re on a broken merry

Go around

because, you’re nightmares become reality

And you’re suffocating

on your pain, your regret, your despair

over what you could have been

when you spent that time

you’ll never get back

You just couldn’t listen,

Could you?

Life isn’t fair

Hardwork does

Not pay off,

Perhaps that’s the way it’s meant to be,

or should be.

Push it down your throat

No matter how much it burns,

because it’s life

And all it does

is go round

and round


© Cecilia Pang 2014

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