There are times that it’s good to be stressed but most of the time, it can damage our health. Sometimes we are fixated on the past and imagining the future. But one thing is certain, today paves way for tomorrow. You don’t know what’s going to happen in the next moment, the next hour, or even tomorrow. Once it’s past, just let it go. Let the guilt, shame, sorrow, anger, and disappointment fade. Once we let it go, we let the anger dissipate and float away. We are doing ourselves a favour. By forgiving someone, we are benefiting ourselves, and letting ourselves go from the bondage of anger. By moving away from the guilt, learning from your mistakes, and not making the same mistake every again, you grow. Letting sorrow murk away means that it’s time to move on. And even though time does not heal all wounds, it makes a bit easier to handle. You won’t forget, you can’t let yourself forget, and you won’t. Time carves onto us, leaving us with scars that will remind us of our past and how to get up to protect ourselves in the future. And then there is disappointment. Such a strange feeling, it’s not anger or sadness, it’s the gray area in between. Sometimes you learn you can’t trust everyone, and sometimes you also let others down. You won’t ever figure it out, until you let the disappointment drip away and try again. You have got to keep trying, because eventually someday you will find someone that you can trust wholeheartedly without being broken. We all have to pick up the pieces someday and start to glue ourselves back together, because if we don’t, I mean, who will? We all have to start somewhere. And that somewhere, can start today! We can both start piecing ourselves together, into the person we want to be, the person we are proud to be, the person that our loved ones have come to love. So at the end of the day, leave all those nasty emotions behind, and pick up the fresh good feelings, because we all deserve a new start tomorrow. Let it all go~



© Cecilia Pang 2014

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