The moment when everything becomes clear, from the fuzzy spotlights of cars in the rain to the clear raindrops that land right in front of you, splashing your nose, you’ll understand. That there isn’t anyone else in the world that will love you more than your mother. The incredible woman who walked around for nine months with you in her belly, then the next years that would tumble around in life, from the joy in seeing you first walk, to your first boo-boo, then to those moments when you made her so proud that time stops still and all you can do is breathe… or those times you made her so angry and you were so angry but you never knew that a mother’s heart never stops caring. When you’re sleeping, she’s watching over you like a guardian angel, and those times you were so alone, she was always right there behind you, ready to catch you when you’re going to fall. All those times good and bad. One thing became crystal clear today while I was watching my mother make breakfast for my family. She wakes up everyday to sacrifice her time to make sure that we’re eating the healthiest food, and that everything’s ready as we go off to school. No matter how much pain she is in, she will always do her best to make sure we are okay.  Her love can’t be counted with earthly objects or money, but if it is, her love is more valuable than all those twinkling stars in the infinite sky. I wish I could tell her how much she means to me, or to thank her for everything. But I can’t. Because I can’t ever pay my mother back with anything. No matter what I do, I will always be in a debt of her love, her care, her infinite faith and hope in me. A mother is so many things. A friend, a teacher, and arms that are your fortress. They’re everything to me, and you. They were the ones who taught you too many things that you might have not learned yourself. And the realization that they’re ALWAYS RIGHT. For me, my mother has sacrificed her time and life to help me. She drives me everywhere for my extracurriculars, and the only thing I can do, is to make her proud someday. But I can’t thank you enough, for all you do. From helping me with my homework, to scolding me when I’m crying and saying that they’re not worth it, or to the times that you smile, and those mean the most to me. As when you smile, there’s nothing else in this world can stop us, we’re on our own merry go round. Thank you Mom, I love you,


xoxo Cecilia

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